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  1. Thanks ALL I will do that. As alway great information from all of you. bannie
  2. I am going to make a scarf and hat with 2 colors for a lady and it is for the Houston Texans Team that has the bull for the mascot The co;ors are Red & Blue. I think there is white also but she only wants Red & Blue. I would like to know what color blue and red in I Love this yarn I would get? Thanks bannie
  3. Hello I am wondering if anyone has made a widows peak baby cap . I have one in knit and it is sworked flat so I would like to make one in crochet. It is made in one piece and is sewn together for shaping. Thanks banniemae
  4. I am thinking it my have come from a Crochet World or Omni Crochet magazines. There were a lot of things made with the ribbing stitch like caps and hooded caps maybe it is in one of those magazines. I would say late 70's or early 80's . Hope someone can find it Thanks banniemae
  5. Thanks but that is not it thanks those nice made them before and the ribs hurt my heels banniemae
  6. Thanks but that is not it. It must have come from a book that is out of print I hope someone has it or can tell me wher e to look Thanks Gals banniemae
  7. I put pictures of the slippers hope it helps. banniemae
  8. I am trying to add some pictures I hope this works OK my first time to ever post The first picture shows 1 complete sock and 1 sock opened at bottom. I hope someone has seen this patter so I can purchase it. I have looked feverishly Thanks banniemae
  9. Thanks I think that must have been a out of print book? Can you tell me how to post a picture? banniemae
  10. I will try to post a picture just as soon as I learn how to do it
  11. I have a pair of ribbed slipper socks that someone gave me and am trying to get a pattern for them. The slipper socks are ribbed down the top to the toe about 6 rib rows wide and the back is ribbed about 9 rib rows wide half has much as the front. The bottom and sides are single crochet and are made in 10 rounds then sewn up the middle to form the toe and the heel. They are then sewn up the long side of the sock. If some one can tell me the book that they are in or where to find this pattern it would be great, Then I could make some to give away as gifts. I really need a pattern to go by becau
  12. I found this site for a crochet earwarmer that you might be interested in http://sowhatchabeendoin.blogspot.com/2009/01/mandanna-pattern.html
  13. Hi all I am at my wits end Trying to locate a hat pattern for a hat made by Janelle Schlossman. It was a free crochet pattern and I got it in 2003. I DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT A COMPUTER THEN SO I HAD TO COPY IT FROM THE LIBRARY. On the front of the pattern there were 3 hat's all the same and crocheted in contunios rounds. It did not roll up it just turned up a little. Can anyone help me out where to get a copy of this pattern? I dont know how to use that way back machine thing and It was the only hat pattern that fit I have ever come across Thanks in advance bannie
  14. Thank you for your help. I think I understand how it works banniemae
  15. I have lost my Pot Of Jewels Potholder Pattern I have only made it once and that was many years ago. Can any one help me on the pattern. I went to the site and the lady has moved on to different things Any help will be most gladly received. Thanks banniemae
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