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    I am a stay at home mother of 5 who are very much my life. Oh wait a minute; my two dogs are my joy
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    Casa Grande, AZ
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    Crocheting,bike riding,playing in the park with my children, drawing, just about anything.
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    Home maker
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    25 or more years, started when I was around 8 or 9
  1. I hear this alot to. I always take my tote with my yarn and things with me when I go anywhere and I get asked some really funny things. I was told once I was to old to be making doilies...... That was the nurse at the kids doctors. I am 40... So I dont know what she meant by this... I love to crochet all kinds of things and I am getting back into knitting also. I love working with the threads. I think it is funny when they say something like that... But then they ask me where did you buy that shrug or where can I find a sweater like that... I say you cant... I have to make it......
  2. Brrrrr I cant imagine already having weather like that. I am still wearing shorts here in Arizona. Where I am at we have never even had snow.
  3. That is so cool. I like the color of it to. You did an beautiful job.
  4. That is just beautiful. I want to find the time to make that so bad.
  5. It is beautiful either way. You do excellent work.
  6. I am sorry but yours is just beautiful and I would question the judge also. You can see how much more time was spent doing yours. And it takes so much talent to make one like yours. Somebody made a big mistake. The others are pretty also but are not in the same league.
  7. That is very beautiful. I was looking at the sewing thread the other day. There is bigger selection on colors for doilies. I was wondering about trying that but didnt know if you would use two or three strands. I love the colors in yours.
  8. I like how Ktornatola did hers with the individual blocks. I might try to do that also. I think that looks so cool. I even started thinking of how other things would look that my kids would like. John my bf is really into Jeff Gordan. Kids all love Dale Jr. so there are a few thoughts there. My daughter loves the Bratzs. But I am not too sure how I would do that one. I think there would be to many colors. Unless I just did the Bratz name. I really think it is a cool idea the way ktornatola did hers. I just wasn’t smart enough to think of doing mine that way. LOL. I really admire the way some of the ladies do the graph ghans I just don’t think I am that good to do. I can’t remember the ladies name but she does all the Beatles and Elvis all the different ones that are just so real life looking. Are so awesome
  9. I created it with Graph paper. I can look and see if I still have the pattern.
  10. Yes that is how I did it. The skull is huge and when I was working on it and only had that part done. I laid it over my chair in my bedroom and in the middle of the night it scared the you know what out of me.....
  11. I hope it is ok for me to share this pattern for you all. I just love it and cant wait to try and make it. It will be a good challenge but well worth it. It is called: Lovely in Lavender Doily
  12. Oh I love to prove him wrong..... Should of seen his face at christmas when he opened it.... It was so much fun.
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