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  1. I'll have to put that on my to-do list for my girls. :-)
  2. Oh my goodness..Sunbonnet Sue and Sam are my favs...These are gorgeous.
  3. You have been confirmed....you don't get the email until we approve it manually...you have now been approved. ....make sure to sign the testing agreement
  4. Bump....had 2 testers not come back since they signed up. So we would like testers for this sweater in 2x and 3x to cover our bases. Thanks!
  5. Once you sign the testing agreement then you can see a pic of the full dress in the announcements thread
  6. You have been approved and now you should be able to look under "New pattern announcements" and you can see the dress there.
  7. No, Titus2Woman is different. Anna...is well....just Anna. That's her username for our forum. I think here...it might be Lavelle.
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