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  1. Crochet this for my daughter's teacher who is expecting a girl. , Linda
  2. Thanks for all the lovely compliments. The pattern I added to my original post. But just in case its from Leisure Arts, A Year of Baby Afghans Book 4.
  3. Made this for my brother's baby that is due early December. Thanks for looking, Linda Pattern: Leisure Arts, A Year of Baby Afghans Book 4
  4. Made this blanket for my brother's baby that is due in early December. Thanks for looking, Linda
  5. Gorgeous 'ghan. I'm drooling. TFS, Linda
  6. Awesome! Thank you for sharing the pattern. I definetly want to make this when I finish all the other projects I have to do. This is definetely on the must to do list. Thank you, Linda
  7. Cute, I like the flower added on it. TFS, Linda
  8. Yes, I really can't use the hearts because it's for my brother's baby and he would kill me. Trying to figure a solid blanket with the name in the middle. Thanks, Linda
  9. Hi, Can anyone help me, I need to crochet a baby afghan. I know I would have to graph the name but I don't even know how many stitches to start and how many rows I should have. I have baby yarn to do it in? Any ideas? Simply lost, Linda
  10. Pattern is from the Lion Brand Website. I used Red Heart Super Saver in white, yellow, orange, & black. Embellished with small black buttons for eyes, and embrodiered fangs in black. Happy Halloween! Linda:jack
  11. bearlycrocheting

    A new Hippo

    2 cute! I love Madagascar (you got to move it move it). Great job. TFS, Linda
  12. Beautiful, I always wanted to do swans but they look intimidating. TFS, Linda
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