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    Married to a really hot Brit!
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    Mt Pleasant NC (Near Lowes Motor Speedway)
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    around 2000; can't remember exactly.
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    Round Ripples & anything that goes quickly
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  1. Angel Wings Dress from Bev's Country Cottage
  2. Are you a member of Ravelry? If so, go to the groups tab, & search by location. that's how I found my group.
  3. Hi from Concord NC! If you are close by, check out our stitching group on Ravelry, Loom City Stitchers. We meet on Thursday evenings.
  4. I noticed "new" PNC colors at WM. They are obviously S&C colors w/ PNC labels. Guess S&C is banking on the better quality of PNC to sell there yarn now that the 2 comanies are 1.
  5. I have the whole set of light up hooks. DH is in the hospital a lot; I do a lot of crocheting in dark hospital rooms.
  6. love that bootie pattern!
  7. I just have to share this tidbit: One of my good friends is a Indie Yarnie; her dad made her the mack-daddy yarn winder using a ceiling fan motor! Of course, she winds more yarn in a month, than I will in a lifetime.
  8. I've been told, can wash in Wool Lite for Darks to prevent bleeding.
  9. Bamboo is actually rayon made from bamboo.
  10. Drat! I missed out.
  11. I agree, the best place to search is Ravelry.
  12. The increasing cost of cotton was one of the driving forces putting them out of business.
  13. the will have it until supply is gone, that is in the stores that were still carrying it.
  14. My question came after sending 25+ PDFs & not seeing a charge. I called Amazon Cust Svc - the guy told me about since I don't have 3G to use the address to ensure I never get charged. Sorry I don't know the ins & outs, I just know that emailing my patterns to Kindle (primary reason for purchase) is the kewlest thing since wheels on luggage!
  15. It's just not free for the 3G, you have to use w/ convert in the subject line. It makes the pattern look like anything else you are reading on kindle; I've only had 1 that didn't convert right (it had "tables" in the PDF).