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  1. If there is anyone in the Concord area, I meet w/ a group of knitters (Loom City Stitchers on Ravelry) on Thursday nights, 6-9pm, at the Starbucks at Carolina Mall.
  2. never made them w/ anything but cotton. you can get a whole cone (like 800 yards) at WalMart for less than $7.00
  3. Wow! I'm going to file this one!
  4. I have been wishing so hard for a group in my area (Concord); I even posted on Craig's List looking for one. Wednesday, quite by accident, I did a "groups" search on Ravelry, & found that meets every Thurs evening. I suggest this to anyone looking for a group.
  5. Bless your heart! It is very pretty! I don't do well w/ projects that go slow. I've not done a single strand RR, I do 2 strands w/ a M hook, so that they work up fast; I'd frog it if I didn't. I hope you will try another after this one.
  6. PM Aggie May, she will gladly share her pattern. It's great & simple/
  7. Thanks for the info! & thanks for sharing your patterns & advise! You are a Gem!
  8. OK, thanks to all you gals/guys here @ the 'Ville, I'm just getting all kinds of adventrous! Few questions: Is this squares that are sewn into strips, that are sewn together? or just strips that get sewn together? Does that question make sense? What is the diff between the 5 & 7 pound version? Is it just depending on how tight you crochet, how much you will use? I've never done anything where I had to join squares, cause I thot I'd get board w/ it. We will see..... Thanks for any & all advise in advance!
  9. Beautiful! My next RR will be a tree skirt for me! That is if I can ever get thru all the baby items I need to do!
  10. If you will PM Aggie May, she will send you her's.
  11. I haven't tried a RR w/ the stripe generator yet, but IDKY you wouldn't just pick the # of diff colors you want to use, then the various widths you would like the stripes to be, & let it calculate. I did find the stripe generator is lacking in some color choices, so just substitue & use your own color. For example, I like to use verigated yarn as one of my colors, so I'll just pick an odd color & that will be my verigated stripes. I admire People like Crochet Dad that can see the math formulas... I do much better w/ visuals, therefore the stripe generator will be my prefered me
  12. It's Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn, Periwinkle & White. I think I did: Center: 6 rows w/ 1 strand of each color 2 rows of white 6 rows of perwinkle 4 rows of white 1 row of perwinkle then a SC border of both (I like a HDC border, but I was running out of yarn). It really doesn't matter the pattern of the rows; I've not seen a RR yet that wasn't beautiful!
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