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    Misty Karges
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    going to school for clothing Design, grew up on a ranch, love the outdoors and people!
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    North Dakota, and Minnesota, during school.
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    God,Dancing,reading,journaling,Piano,singing,crochet,fashion design,friends,North Dakota
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    living, breathing, eating...
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    baby clothes, things people can wear, anything in real/natural fibers!
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    since 2001
  1. hey y'all, I'm looking for a sweater pattern for a newborn that is sort of non genderish, but really adorable....my sis is having a baby and they are waiting to find out what it is... any ideas?
  2. soooo, in january, I plan to spend more time on Crochetville. I started my freshman year at school this past fall and haven't made time to crochet or to visit this site to speak of... I have a ton of stuff to crochet though... - finish my sisters sweater - make my hat, -Knit, Bella's mittens:worried -crochet fingerless mitts for my sister -and a scarf for a friend
  3. for me that might be a problem since i sleep walk and talk occasionaly..
  4. here's a link to a pair of saddle shoes.. http://www.zappos.com/n/p/p/7160415/c/34572.html
  5. somewhere I saw a pair of cute little saddle shoes in black and white... those would be cute! I love it btw
  6. Usually I'm not daunted by a project unless its like a bedspread or something that would take me 30 yrs.... crochet is one of the only things that i've ever been able to actually stick with and finish projects. I usually just kind of go through the pattern row by row and try not to over think things until I get there.
  7. Hey! I got this in the mail from the library! And within like 5 hours I ordered it on Amazon! I absolutely Love the patterns, and though some of the yarns are super expensive I have done some research and found some less expensive yarns with basically the same fiber content.... I can't wait to do some of the projects...Yay!
  8. omg! you would have a torso like an Olympic swimmer pretty soon if you did that a lot !
  9. Hey! I would love to help! I'll try to get you some stuff by mid may, end of June! are there any particular crochet items or sizes in particular that you feel you should have that you don't already? Misty
  10. Yes, I used it to make a sweater for my nephew this christmas, it is really soft.
  11. thanks all! I love this place... everyone's so friendly and helpful... I hadn't thought about reselling it when finished with it, but that could definitely be an option... It doesn't actually cost that much so my inkling was that it would be a good investment...but I think I'll probably check it out from the library.
  12. So I've been wanting to crochet some really nice garments lately.... and I was doing some research on Amazon and was wondering if this book: Sensual Crochet: Luxurious Yarns, Alluring Designs (Paperback) by Amy Swenson would be a good investment. It looked like it had some beautiful designs that would be tons of fun to make, and challenging at the same time... but its hard to tell on the internet. I thought I'd check it out from the library and look at it before buying maybe?
  13. WHy would ppl be touchy about stuff like that!? So retarded......Ppl shouldn't just assume that asking if somethign is handmade means it looks tacky or something!
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