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  1. I need to give a BIG thank you to Pridemom (Laura) for being such a wonderful secretpal to me. She sent me some wonderful goodies in the beginning and the reveal package I just recieved today is awesome! I got some wonderful chenille yarn in Teal, some really pretty cream colored thread (which by the way I have been needing), two candles that smell scrumdiddlyumscious and the coolest little project notebook for me to put pictures of my crocheted creations! You are just the best and I appreciate all the things you sent to me. The group of ladies on this board are fantastic and so generous. I think this is the nicest, warmest group of people I know. THANK YOU PRIDEMOM..... I had no idea it was you until I read the card! You kept your secret identity hidden well.
  2. OMG! My daughter named Jade would love that. Thanks for sharing. Got any L's? lol
  3. Are you looking to adopt anytime soon, Tampa Doll? lol.
  4. Yay! Fate must be bringing us together Wovennspun! I can't wait to get started......
  5. Also, check out a store called Yarnification downtown on Congress St. Hopefully it is still there. Yay for Tucsonians! I sure miss that place. I grew up there and really would love to move back. Bookman's is another AZ thing I miss....LIKE CRAZY!
  6. That is beautiful. My girls would love that.
  7. I really enjoyed last rounds of Secret Pals.... can't wait to do this one.
  8. Gotta love freecycle! I have recieved so much yanr through it.
  9. I hope this isn't inappropriate to post this since it is not mine, but I was lurking at Craftster and one of the ladies there CraftyDeb has made the most amazing afghan. http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=29817.0 It looks very much like a cathedral window. It's beautiful! She did such a great job on it.
  10. Ohhhh aren't you evil! lol. Tempting those of us with your fabulous yarn to break our no yarn pact for May. Eeevil I tell ya!
  11. wow... I could never have done something so tiny like that. You did a nice job!
  12. Hee hee...in my head it's " Well it's not yarn, it's fabric" Oh no, I think I have found a loop hole. lol.
  13. ROTFLMBO! That has to be the funniest post. *true* lol!
  14. No kidding! *to original post* All you talented ladies need to get a life and stop making such beautiful projects and tempting us *coughmommachellecough* with your unique patterns and just lay low for a while! Nah! I would die if this board didn't exsist....but I would get more things done around the house!
  15. I am up for this as well. Right now (not including all the free yarn I recieved from freecycle) I have so much yarn to use up. My own stash is getting to be quite overwhelming. I haven't bought any new yarn since I purchased some Redheart for some ponchos I am making..... 12 skeins! So for all of May the poor yarns stores will think there has been a strike! LOL! Oh well, it will give my bank account a rest.
  16. you are definitely amazing! I love all the wonderful crafts you make. Your house must be so nicely decorated. Great job!
  17. Nice! I remember your post about the lovely gift from your husband.... great choker! What does he think of it?
  18. Those blankets look so soft. You did a wonderful job on them!
  19. This has got to be the neatest freeform I have seen in a while. How cool to make an elephants ear.
  20. Now this is a great hat. I love hats. I am definitely going to have to make this one! Thanks for sharing!
  21. OMG, that is the cutest thing ever!
  22. Love, love the colors. It is definitely springy! Today I was running errands with my mother and we saw these cute little cereal bowls in those exact colors! I so need to get my hands on some orange and bright pink yarn! Lovely job!
  23. That is really beautiful. I have always wanted to try my hand at filet crochet, but it's so intimidating. You did a really great job on it.
  24. That is great. You are doing a wonderful thing.
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