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  1. That is just awesome! Great job figuring out how it was done. Can you write up a pattern for it?
  2. Tampadoll is the master at bobbin crochet....ask her any questions, because she is very knowledgable in that area!
  3. Okay so I have started this thing and I am on round 5. I'm stuck though, because I can't figure out why my work looks twisted. I have read and reread the pattern to make sure I wasn't missing a step and I am doing it exactly as it says. round 5 is: ch 1, sc in tr, ch 5 then sc in first ch 5 loop (then I basically repeat that all the way around). I can't figure out why my work is all twisted...... Help me, please, because I am slowly starting to hate thread crochet... lol! Just kidding! I'm just really frustrated.
  4. That is a great hoodie! I think I may have to go out and buy that magazine.
  5. Okay so I found the perfect shawl that I am going to make. I even had to pull out the dvd's to compare and make sure it was close to Caroline's shawl. I found this awesome blood red yarn that I am going to use to make it. Hope everyone is having fun with their project and can't wait to see some pictures.
  6. For the last swap I was in, I recieved some really nice books on doily patterns...am I even spelling that right? LOL. Anyway, I am attempting my very first doily and man I just don't get how people can work with such small needles and small thread. My eyes are starting to flip out on me. I'm sticking with it though, becuase I really want to make this one pattern. Much respect for those of you who can complete these patterns and still be able to see anything later on! LOL! I'll post it in show and tell once it is finished. I just had to vent about it first.
  7. Nice! Guess i have a new pattern to try out.
  8. Little House on the Prairie is one of my favorite shows. I have 3 seasons on dvd. Every now and again I will catch them in reruns. I would love to do a LHOTP crochet along. Now I just have to figure out what project to do. *goes through patterns and searches for ideas*
  9. Awesome blanket. The colors really pop with that black background! Nice job!
  10. http://crochet.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http://www.crochetmemories.com/archive/freewitchbrewpot.html I thought I would share this here. It's not my design, but I found it and thought alot of you ladies would like this.
  11. Okay, here it is. My beautiful package, full of wonderful goodies! My Sp was Kittylou (Denise) and she has sent me some of the most awesome items. My reveal package was actually two packages in one, because the very first package she ever sent off to me ended up in limbo due to the fact that I ended up having problems with my P.O box and had to cancell it. She had already sent off the package when I told her about it, so it ended up floating about in the world somewhere. I felt just awful, because she had put time and energy into this gift for me and it was gone. Then out of nowhere, it showed up at her house. Yay! So she combined it with my reveal package and I LOVE IT! She sent me some awesome doily patterns ( I have been dying to try making doilies for some time now), a cd of a celtic rock band ( I can't wait to hear it), Some thread to make doilies, some tea ( I am a tea addict), some fun fur, a beautiful red white and blue square ( I feel dumb asking, but is it a pot holder or dishcloth? ), 8 skeins of the prettiest fuscia yarn, and some awesome souveniers from Mt. St. Helen's. Sp, thank you so much for making this round of Secret Pals, so much fun. I enjoy everything and appreciate it all so much. Yarnmistress (Pam)
  12. There is a box waiting for me! I don't have time to open it now though (man I hate waiting) because I am off on a field trip, but you can bet your cash cow that I am going to open it up the minute I get home this evening. THANKS SP! You've ben awesome to me, even though I am a cotton headed ninny muggins! As for Mumbles ~ I am so glad that you loved the yarn I sent ya. Even better that you have charities to make things for. That is awesome! Don't forget you still have one more box coming from me. Stalk the UPS man, stalk the UPS man! this is the box that I was going to send you before but didn't. I love this SP thing. It's been awesome and all the ladies on this board have been great. I look forward to Autumn SP's.
  13. Well, in NC I notice that capelettes are still really in. Limited Too! has a bunch of really cute capelettes in their store right now. However, I've only noticed them in the youth stores and not so much in adult stores. I haven't seen much in the way of ponchos in NC at malls or boutiques. That won't stop me from wearing mine though. I never really keep up with trends. I did notice the other day while in Target, that they had a bunch of tanks that had bead and crochet decorations along the neckline and the bottom of the shirt. I also noticed that crochet purses are a big seller at Target. They had a bunch of crocheted handbags and passport purses. I think I may have even seen a crocheted belt or two there.
  14. Just now saw this thread and wanted to put in my two cents..... I have joined many swaps on this board and other forums as well. So far, Crochetville has been a pleasant experience and I have not had a bad swap partner/secret pal. I have been involved in many other swaps from other forums that have not gone over well. I've been the one many times who got screwed in a swap due to people just completely dropping out and it really ruins the fun for everyone on the board/forum. As of now Crochetville is the only place I do swaps, due to so many other bad experiences from other boards. I agree that people who have shown to be bad partners/pals should not be allowed to join again. I like the idea of having to be a member for a certain amount of time and have made so many posts in order to participate. I also think that if a member gets 2 strikes against them ( unless there is good reason for their deserting the swap) they should not be allowed to join another swap on this board ever. As someone else mentioned earlier, I also think it's important to send THANK YOU's to the people who have spent alot of time and energy to make the wonderful packages for their pals or even those who have sent wish list items to other members. I have sent a few items in the past and recently from WISH LISTS and have never heard anything back from anyone. It just would have been nice to get atleast a thank you. Anyway, I think you gals who run the board and the swaps are doing a great job and I am glad that we have so many generous people on this board to make the swaps fun. I am willing to step up as well to send packages for those who get deserted.... so please keep me in mind if it happens again. Yarnmistress (Pam)
  15. Your Harry Potter dolls are fabulous. They are the most unique creations. My husband would own to own them all.
  16. That is so not ugly! I would be proud to display that afghan in my house. You used lots of my favorite colors! It's beautiful!
  17. Aaaagh! I love it! How absolutely adorbale is that? Must. Make. For. Daughters.
  18. Thank you to my secret pal for the wonderful package. My girls immediately saw the yarn (pink is their fav color) and decided I had to make them something with it. They also want to use some of those yummy smelling bath oils. I am a HUGE tea drinker and I am so excited I got tea. THANK YOU SO MUCH! The blue doily is absolutely beautiful and I am going to frame it and hang it in my living room (which is purple, so blue will accent it quite nicely). I promise to get pictures up soon so everyone can see the wonderful gifts I received. again, thanks for everything and I absolutely love it all! Yarnmistress.
  19. What cracks me up about that auction is this part: PLEASE NOTE: This bag is guaranteed authentic however the authenticity card is missing. lol.
  20. Goldi ~ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LOVELY PACKAGE!!!!!!! I absolutely love everything! The colors are wonderful, the designs/patterns are so fun. I love the stationary and most of all I love the thoughtfulness. Thanks for everything. The dragon fly magnet is not pictured because my daughters put it up on the fridge already!
  21. I just wanted to say that the ladies on this board are so fabulous. You all are just awesome and I think it's great that a bunch of strangers on the internet can get together to do something like this SP exchange and make another person somewhere in the world happy! You are the best!
  22. Wovennspun ~ I just wanted to let you know that I will be getting your kitchen items out next week. Things have been just a tad bit crazy here and I haven't been as diligent as I should be with your other package...so sorry.
  23. The other day we had family over to hang out and swim. My oldest nephew andd my older daughter were playing when she brought up crocheting. He asked her to teach him and one thing led to another and he asked me if he could go through my stash and pick something out. Then yesterday, they came back over and his mom tells me that he is really loving it and getting alot of his secret project done (it's a scarf for her). I just think it's so cool that my daughter taught her cousin to crochet.
  24. I made it all through May and so far I haven't spent a thing for June. Honestly, I've been so busy lately, that I haven't had the chance to think about yarn (for myself anyway). I've been working on SP items and trying to get more bathroom/kitchen items done. It's been crazy here. I think I will make it for June. How is everyone else doing?
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