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  1. Your not crazy! You are very much in the majority here. I enjoy having a project to do when I would normally just be sitting around. I bring my crochet to Jazzercise with me and crochet a bit before class starts, I bring crochet to dr. appointments, carpool, pretty much anywhere I would have some time to get crocheting done.
  2. I very much agree! I use that pattern for all the hats I make even my cloche's and they come out perfect every time. Dot is fabulous and so wonderful for sharing her patterns with us!
  3. Crochetville and craftster are the only crafty places I post at. Most forums just make me sad, because people feel that they can hide behind their computers and be mean without any reprocussions. The universe doesn't work that way, atleast in my book. I LOVE CROCHETVILLE and I cannot say enough good things about this forum and the wonderful people here.
  4. I always have atleast 5 things going on. However, I can truly say that right now, I am at the point where I am trying to be good about only buying yarn for what I need, instead of having a HUGE stash lying around that takes forever to get through. I pretty much finished off my stash for the Harvest Fest I did (save for about 5 skeins of white yarn and a few random colors), and my intentions now are to only buy for one project at a time. *we'll see how long that lasts*
  5. I just recently taught a friend of mine to crochet and she loves it! She is hooked (pun intended) and is becoming addicted to yarn. She has made some wonderful items for a beginner and I just can't wait to see how many other beautiful things she can make. It's nice because now I have someone to crochet with. I also taught my girls. They crochet with me every now and again. I love that.
  6. I've seen these before. Sharper image and Grugen sells them ( not crocheted obviously) and they are called ear pops. There is a lady that sells them on ebay as well. I think she even makes faces and characters on themand they are crocheted. Nice job!
  7. I have been crocheting like mad the last three weeks getting ready for this Harvest Festival at my daughter's school and I have just about gone through my entire stash. At first I was really sad, because I looked through my bags and storage bins and it was sad to see them emptying out.....but then I realized I GET TO GO BUY NEW YARN!!!!!! I have decided that I am going to use up this entire stash for the show and then when I go out to buy new yarn, I am only going to buy what I need for one project at a time. Usually I buy tons of yarn and it just builds up and builds up. So this time I am going to splurge and get some really nice expensive yarn (a particular kind I have had my eye on for a while) at my LYS and I am going to make this dress I have been wanting to make. IT'S A GOOD THING!
  8. HI! Welcome to the board. I am also from NC (Raleigh). I am 29 as well and have been crocheting for many years. Hope you enjoy this place. The ladies here are wonderful!
  9. That is fabulous. You did a great job!
  10. OH great just one more thing for me to purchase for my yarn addiction! Hee hee. I think this is a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Definitely check out BytheHooks website. She has some amazing hats!
  12. Thanks. I think I can actually work with this pattern. You rock!
  13. I'm searching for a pattern for a handwarmer or a handmuff. Does anyone know what I am talking about? If so, would you know of a free pattern I could use?
  14. Tampa Doll, those are fabulous! Your grandkids will love them.
  15. Today/tonight, I am working on making flower pins. I got burnt out on scarves and hats and decised I needed a change of projects.
  16. Since I have been crocheting hat and scarf sets, I have recieved so many orders for cutoms sets (some with gloves, mittens, different colors, no tassles, whatever). I also just got my sign made for my booth and can't to see how it looks. I will get to pick it up tomorrow. I hope the show goes well. Based on how many orders I seem to be getting pre show, I can't imagine not selling out of the items I have made already.
  17. I think most of those patterns I got from a crochet magazine I purchased last year. I saw the better homes and garden one a few days ago but it wasn't worth buying since I have that other magazine. Great patterns though for those who did not get the BHG crochet magazine last year.
  18. I haven't had much time to work on my Caroline shawl, because I have been so busy making things for Harvest Fest. Once it is over I will definitely get to the shawl.
  19. It must be so fun to live at your house!
  20. I enjoyed it. I love everything Tim Burton does, not to mention I love Johnny Depp!
  21. Awe it's just a commercial. Like someone else mentioned, atleast they used crochet instead of knit this time! LOL! It was funny.
  22. Yarnmistress

    cute frog

    Your frog should get together with my frog (check thread titled Ribbit Ribbit) and become friends! LOL! Great job on your froggy.
  23. Last night my husband took me to see "The Corpse Bride" and I wore my green poncho that I made last year. While we were standing in line at the snack counter, I noticed this lady wearing a lovely peach/coral poncho. It was very lacy and was absolutely beautiful. I asked her if she made it and she told me that her grandmother did. She mentioned that it was crochet. I'm searching for a similar pattern so I can try to make one. I should have asked her, but didn't think to as she was carrying lots of snacks and heading off to her movie.
  24. I don't think I am meant to do thread crochet. I am having the hardest time with this stupid doily that I have been working on. It doesn't look like the pattern at all. I'm through round 7 (finally figured out why it was twisting) and I'm just haveing trouble with the whole thing. I'm not sure if it is because I am so use to working with thicker/larger yarn or if the intricate details is what is getting me. After half a round, my hands start to get sore and my eyes just hurt so much. Is that normal? I really want to finish it, but I am getting so frustrated. Any sugestions? Thanks
  25. My WIP's: Grey and cream poncho (no pattern just sort of winging it) bathsets ( soap savers, face cloths and backscrubbers) done scarves done comfort packs (making one for myself and one for my friend) doily ( this thing is giving me more headaches) That is all for now. Hopefully I will finish all of these soon and then get started on some fingerless gloves for myself.
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