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  1. Those are great! I'm not really a chicken person, but I relaly do like those a lot!
  2. Sweet! I love quirky crochet. That is one delicious looking burger!
  3. That is really nice. I need to make myself one.
  4. I LOVE THIS BAG! What a great tote.
  5. That is absolutely beautiful!
  6. OKay I finally had a chance to work a bit on my Caroline Shawl. I am not sure if I like the stitch I chose ( picked one out of Harmony stitch guide). I am not so far along that frogging isn't an option....so .....
  7. As always...... LOVE IT! *we are an Oakley family, so love it even more*
  8. You are such a genius! Where do you come up with these awesome ideas! I tell everyone I know about your site. It's one of my most favorite sites on the net. I check it often, because I can't wait to see the new things you come up with. Genius, I tell you!
  9. My neighbor is going to teach me to knit. I always wanted to learn, but ya know, I REALLY love to crochet. I think a lot of love for it comes from the fact that my grandma taught me when I was 7 and it was just something I associate with her. I know it seems like there is just so much knitting love out in the world, more patterns, more classes, more people .....but I think crochet is really coming into it's own and pretty soon knitters will be out numbered! LOL!
  10. Well, I love everything you create. I am so addicted to your blog and site. You make some of the most amazing little creatures ever! You inspired me to give it a go with amigurumi (check out my thread if you want) and I made a little baby pickle! Nothing even close to as good as your stuff, but I was proud.
  11. There was an article in Bust magazine about how men are knitting and crocheting and actually coming out of the so called crafty closet.... They mentioned our very own Drew! It was nice to see your name in print!
  12. I tend to head straight for show and tell, because I love seeing the new things people make and drooling over the older projects people have posted. Then, depending on time, I check out a random forums (Other Crochet Topics, Off Topic, ect...).
  13. I have had this project just sitting in my to do pile and haven't relaly had a chance to get to it. Last night I caught an episode of LH (the one where charles is away and a young guy named chris comes to walknut grove and works for the ingall's building the new kitchen). There was a scene where Caroline is wearing her red shawl. It got be all fired up to get working on my project now. Guess what I will be doing today?
  14. I have to say that I am getting quite irritated with the way crocheters are treated. I stopped going to this particular yarn store do to the comments one "knitter" made to me. I was looking at yarn and the lady asked me what I was making. I told her that I was crocheting a scarf. Well, she looked at me like I had 8 heads and then said, " Maybe you should try your hand at knitting. It is so much better than crocheting and you use less yarn". I turned to her and said, " No thanks, I love crocheting and I like that I can pass down this beautiful art to my girls. Besides, knitting isn't all that intersting to me." I put the yarn down and walked out. I haven't been back since.
  15. What a great set! I really like that jacket!
  16. Crochet smart cat that was awfully nice of you to post a picture tutorial. What a great help that will be for people.
  17. I've been teacihng my oldest to crochet and she works on her stitches off and on. Yesterday she asked me to teach her to make a scrappie ( little crochet monster I posted on here) and tonight during family night she finished it up! She even gave it to her sister as a gift. My little one (6 years old) has been making chains and tonight asked me to teach her how to do a single crochet. Well after showing her how to do it, she picked it up and has made 2 rows all on her own. She was so excited. I think I was more excited though. My oldest wants to learn to do a hat now and my youngest wants to make a scarf. I am just so proud of the two of them. I am so glad that I can share my love of crocheting with them and spend time with them crocheting. Just had to share. I'll post pics later on tomorrow.
  18. Chriscrochetcrazy ~ I just have to say that although I do find dressing up animals a bit odd (just my opinion), I find your designs for your animals cute. You are talented and make really cute things. It's obvious that you love your dog and that you take good care of her. One of my favorite things about this forum is that we have people from all walks of life (witches, christians, political people, grandmas, young moms, single people, men, woman, young kids, different races) and we can actually all get along and treat eachother with the respect and kindness that everyone deserves. Wouldn't it be great if the "real" world could do what we do here on a daily basis?
  19. I have two girls (both in school) but I always find time to do my crafting. When my oldest was a baby I still found time to sew. It wasn't as often as I wanted, but I still got to do it. Then when I had my second, I think I sort of took a break from crafting. Once they were a bit older, I got right back into sewing and crocheting. I enjoyed making them dresses and toys and all sorts of things. Now I crochet or sew while they are in school ( I crochet in the carpool lane) and I crochet in the evenings. What I love is that now both my girls crochet and we can do it together. I really enjoy that. Regardless of how many kids you have, you should definitely make time to do the things you love and enjoy.
  20. Mercerized cotton! LOL! You are Mercerized Cotton. You are always very crisp and neat. You are very playful and are happiest while outdoors in the sunshine. You are sometimes accused of splitting hairs, but in the end people find you pretty easy to live with.
  21. The new project I am working on is a hooded scarf from the LB website. It's made with woolease. My problem is, that I chained 193 and then got about 2 rows in and the scarf is starting to curve up on me. I'm wondering is that normal, is that something to do with my tension, can I correct it without frogging all the rows I've done (about 6 so far) ? http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/cwes-scarves.html That is the pattern I am doing. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
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