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  1. I am looking at starting a group that will meet up twice a month to do some crochting with. If anyone is interested. I am in the triangle area, but would love to meet crocheters from all over.
  2. Handmade gifts are the absolute best to me! Unfortunately , when I was younger I didn't appreciate them as much. When I was about 5 or 6 I remember my grandmother making all our clothes and I hated looking like a little prairie girl with little bloomers under our dresses. I did like the blankets she made us though. It wasn't until I was around 8 that I truly started appreciated all the work my grandmother did. She taught me to crochet and I just remember it being so much fun. I still hated the prairie dresses and bloomers, but I enjoyed spending time with her and creating things. Now I make things for both my girls and while they enjoy some things, they will tell me what isn't "cool". My oldest loves the hats and scarves and shawls, but my youngest hates the hats and shawls. She likes the scarf I made her and the teddy bear I made her. I think my youngest prefers when I sew her stuff with fleece and fabric instead of crocheting her things. My oldest is learning to crochet and she likes the different things she can make. My oldest thinks I am the coolest mom because I can make her clothing and purses and scrunchies and stuffed animals. I learned of this when she showed me an entry she wrote in her school journal. She says all her friends are jealous because I can make her so much stuff. That totally made my day! I did have one gift that was returned to me from a friend because it was crocheted. It broke my heart that she didn't appreciate it. She is a Gucci/Prada girl and I guess the item I made her didn't meet with her standards. Oh well!
  3. Hello, I am wondering if anyone here has a pattern to make a headband into kitty ears and puppy ears? I'm looking for something where I can crochet around an exsisting headband adding the little ears to it. I hope that makes sense. Thanks, Pam
  4. Hi and welcome. I hope you like it here. All the people who post here are just the best!
  5. I would like to join if it's not too late!
  6. My grandmother ( who is now gone) taught me to crochet when I was very young. She also taught me to sew. I didn't keep up with it though and sort of forgot what I was doing. Then as I got older I sort of picked both up again. Anything crochet makes me think of my grandmothers hands. She could make some of the most beautiful things. I am teaching my oldest daughter to crochet now. She is seven and can do some basic stitches. She was working on a scarf back in November, but hasn't worked on it since. I need to get her back into it again. Both of my girls want to learn to sew too.
  7. Usually nothing, except what I am working on. So, hook and yarn. Maybe a glass of water. I am constantly getting up to go fetch something. Not very efficient, but I just usually start crocheting and don't really think of anything else.
  8. You are so inspiring! Nice job!
  9. Hemp Yarn www.aurorasilk.com/shop/hemp_yarn.shtml and Fisherman's Wool
  10. Yarntomato ~ I am in raleigh! Howdy sort of neighbor!
  11. Well, aside from Michael's and A.C Moore here the only other palces I found that sells yarn are Great Yarns and Shuttles, Needles & Hooks. I discovered Great Yarns when my father inlaw and I went used bookstore hunting. It's a small place, not very easy to walk around in, but I love it The ladies there are so nice and always willing to help if you have any questions about anything. They sell higher priced yarns mostly, but have some lower priced skeins as well. I searched the phonebook and found SNH, my mother and I drove to it (downtown area) and when we found it we thought , " Oh cute it's in a little old house". Once we were inside though I felt not only clausterphobic, but it smelled bad and it was the most unorganized place I have ever seen. Skeins and shanks were thrown on the floor. Shelves were stuffed so full that if you pulled anything, the whole shelf would come down. There was no room to walk and the two ladies that ran the place didn't even acknowledge us when we came in. I would never shop there. It was so yucky. Now Great Yarns I go to whenever I get the chance. It may be very close quarters inside, but atleast it is clean and you can find things.
  12. Raleigh here. So nice to see other NCer's
  13. Where do you keep your hooks? in a shoebox ( I so need to make a cool holder though) Do you block stuff?never have, but there is a first time for everything! Do you dream "in crochet"? OMG..... I do. Since I started crocheting again, I have been dreaming crochet. I dreamt the other night that I was working on an afghan and I was counting stitches, I found myself (literally)pulling out a row and when I woke up I noticed I was sitting up making the movements... LOL. I dream about patterns, yarn.... is that bad? Am I going to be committed? LOL! Biggest think you ever crocheted? A shawl. Smallest? A flower Where do you keep your WIPs? OKay call me stupid, but what is WIPs? Do you make things for yourself? NO.... I enjoy makig for other people. I'll start off making things for myself, but then I give it away!
  14. I'll crochet anywhere I can really! Usually I crochet in the car while waiting in carpool to pick up my girls, I'll crochet while walking ( I even ran into a wall doing that before), waiting in line, watching tv..... seriously, anywhere that I can!
  15. I've been searching far and wide for a great forum like this. I am a member of another forum which has just really made me lose interest in it lately. So I started searching one day under crochet blogs and found By the Hook, which is how I found you guys! I'm glad I did too, because you all seem so nice and there is so much knowledge and information here.
  16. I have always wanted to try this out. Hmmm...something else to add to my to do list!
  17. LanetteG ~ Thanks so much, I would really appreciate any help with this. By the Hook ~ You're the one! I found your site by accident and have been "hooked" ever since. I have made 3 of your hats so far. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonerful crafts.
  18. By the hook.... are you the lovely lady that has that website with all the hats? If so I am a HUGE fan!
  19. I am making a baby blanket using this stitch and for the project I ch 100 and then started the rows. I am on row 5 and my whole piece is curling like crazy. I notice on smaller projects it doesn't curl, only on bigger size projects.... WHY??? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? or is this just the way it happens? I am really frustrated here..... any suggestions? all ideas/suggestions appreciated!
  20. My turn! Crochet projects: baby afghan 2 more pairs of flip top mittens shawl slippers scarf (totally should've been done with this by now) Sewing projects: hoodie fleece poncho baby blankets messenger bag I am the worst at starting projects and not finishing them. Although when it comes to making the things I sell I can finish, but personal projects always get put aside or I find another thing I wanna try out. Goal in new year to finish a project before starting another and to finish off my yarn/fabric stash before buying new stuff.
  21. I tired my hand at knitting, but couldn't quite get the hang of it. It's something I hope to get better at, but for now I LOVE to crochet and to me it is much more fun. The world of crocheting is relly opening up and there are lots more patterns for us, just like knitters. I think for so long crocheters felt left out, but not anymore.
  22. I've had a bad experience with Lion's Brand recently (read my blog for more information). sorry you had to pull your piece apart. I know the feeling of frustration when that happens.
  23. I just wanted to stop in and say my official hellos to the board. I was so excited to find this place, because most blogs/boards/forums I have been to are strictly knitters. Here is my crochet/crafting blog: yarnmistress.blogspot.com/ It's sort of new. So I hope you all enjoy seeing my projects and reading my daily musings about crafting and whatnot. Current project: finishing up fingerless mittens and starting new hat.
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