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  1. I have seen a few interviews with Lily chin and I must say that she is just obnoxious as can be. On this one interview with Susan Hind, she kept ignoring her questions and just talking about what she wanted to. She also told one of the producers (same show) who asked her if she wanted her needles (minor mistake), " If you can't even remember hooks, then I can't bother to do this".


    Ugh! I can't stand her.

  2. OKay I did some blocking on one panel just to try it out before I did the whole thing. The method I used was the one where you lay a dampened cloth over the panel and then let it dry completely over night.


    Well the panel looks all wonky and doesn't lay flat. The sides still curl and although I fiddled with the panel to get it the right shape before I put the wet towel over it, it still looks mishapen.


    Should I try wetting the actual panel this time and then pinning it?Or should i try the steam approach?


    SO frustrating.

  3. I am getting ready to block some sweater panels and I am not really sure the best way to do it. I have heard that it works to get a towel and lay it on a flat surface and then place the panels on the towel and then dampen another towel and lay it on top.


    I have also heard that dampening the actual panels and then pinning them is better.


    Oh yeah, and should I block the panels before I sew them together or block the whole sweater?


    What would you all recommend?



  4. I think it's a good suggestion to write to Michael's and maybe let them know that their events could have been a bit more organized. I mean the whole point of having these things is to get people into the store, sell products and get people interested in crafting..... the people that were at the Michael's where I live were pretty much getting scrapbooking stuff. The lady who handled the contests was actually pretty nice and did a good job making sure it was done well. The knifty knitter lady could have done more demonstrations and the back tables had no one but employees there working on squares.


    A few times I saw women with children asking where the kids crafts were and they were sent to the back only to come back up front disappointed because all they had were these pieces of cardboard to wind yarn around....boring! Especially for a craft store.


    I think I will email them and let them know.

  5. Yeah, I do not think they organized the event very well. In the back of the store they had two tables set up. One had a bunch of blankets for project linus and another was a kids crafts table. There were no sales on anything in the store during the event and from what I saw, most people were buying scrapbooking stuff.


    They had a lady at the front sitting at a sort of podium making things on the knifty knitter loom, but there were lots of woman crowded around her asking lots of questions. She was making a poncho and also had some bags on display that she made.

  6. They also had ours right at the front of the store. I swear people were all sorts of grumpy today. The lady who won the knitting contest and I had our picture taken as well.


    btw, does anyone here know of a place to get patterns online for those knifty knitter kits? I won one through a drawing adn the lady who was at the table showing how to use them said there really weren't any nifty knitter loom books....to try online.

  7. Just got back from our Michael's event and I won the crochet event.


    We had to ch 20 and then do as many sc as we could in 3 minutes. I did 4 rows and beat the only other lady who did the event with me.


    I won a basket filled with 2 skeins of modea cahet yarn, 1 skein of Lions Brand jiffy, an afghan crochet book, a clover hook (J) and a Q hook, a hook holder and some little things that I am not sure what they are.... hook knobs or something odd.


    I also won the drawing for a nifty knitter.



    The lady who came in second won 5 skeins of any yarn her choice.

  8. As of today I have Two major WIP's and a few smaller ones.


    I'm still working (slow going) on my Little House on the Priaire shawl for the crochet along.


    I also have a granny square skirt that I started last year sometime and I have about 32 squares made up for it.


    Smaller ones include:


    dishcloth sets


    some bath sets





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