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  1. Hi... I would love to see the pictures you took at the Knit-n-Crochet convention. My name is Sondra and we sat at the same table during the fashion show dinner. Would you be so kind as to send me the link to your photos? Thanks so much in advance. Sondra sondra513@yahoo.com
  2. I went last year for the first time and had a great time. ... Spent way too much money but it was worth it. I don't plan on missing it this year. I've already signed up for two classes and have a room reserved in the hotel. Plus... I already know what I want to buy this year!!!! I can't wait.....
  3. I got there Saturday late morning and it was mobbed. There were tons of people. I didn't go through the entire festival, but ... as always... it was a good time. The selection of yarn was great.... and I got some beautiful buttons.
  4. Just yesterday I received an eMail from the Orphan Foundation. It said they got nearly 3000 scarves from across the US and even Toronto, China, and Hawii !!! What wonderful news.
  5. Well I did it! I finally felted my first project and although I did not use any pattern from this book, I did read it though for the different options in how to felt a project.... in the end, I'm very happy with my large tote. I also like the variety of ideas in projects this book has. I think next time I'll try to felt a small item, like a flower, with the scrap yarn.
  6. Wow... This is wondrful news. I have to admit, I had my doubts on if they were going to get all the scarves they needed. Next time, I have to keep the faith. I wonder how much these internet forums helped to contribute to the final number?
  7. She said: "All those reasons are why I don't subscribe. That and I don't like every issue of any one magazine. I'd much rather go to the store and flip through the issue and buy the ones I want and leave those I don't for someone else who might like them." I am the same way. I subscribed to two magazines in the past and a lot of times I was disappointed and wouldn't have purchased it if I saw it first. Then I'd find a pattern I liked in another magazine. That's when I also decided to no longer subscribe to any magazine and buy only the ones I like. Even then... I have found I have a nice collection of magazines, but it's my books that I go to first when looking for a specific pattern I'm interested in working. Sondra
  8. I got a Knit News newsletter in my e-mail account and The Orphan Foundation got a little write-up. I thought that was spectacular.... I wonder if they already mailed out their Valentine's Day packages to the students or if they held off a bit to see if they got more scarves.
  9. Thanks for the laugh... You have such a fun imagination.
  10. Freeform or Scrumbling is new to me. I haven't tried it yet but just love looking at the results from others. The fascination started with Sylvia Cosh and James Walter... and I'm very lucky to have a few of their books, very inspiring. Just this week I received "Freeform Knitting & Crochet" by Jenny Dowde (from Amazon.com) and love this book. To me, this book seems great for someone starting out. However, I'll have to take the advice from "crochetqueen" and try to get Margaret Hubert's tapes... Sounds like something to add to my reference library.
  11. Love the colors... Your first project came out great. I got some wool at AC Moore's 25% off yarn event this past Saturday and plan on making a bag as well. I didn't want to make handles (I think I'd rather have leather handles put on if it comes out as well as yours)... however, I do like the idea of the handles on your bag.
  12. schcrochet (Sandy) 14 Suebee 14 dazy 11 Sondra 6
  13. …And my opinion is worth just about 2 cents…., but I have to say that this calendar was a disappointment to me as well, and for all the reasons constructively stated by others in this forum. I've purchased a few crochet items off the internet and was totally disappointed with what I got. However, it never dawned on me to actually write in a belligerent, mean-spirited tone by criticizing the work of others. I like what “threeolivemartini†said and I couldn’t agree with her more. If I decide to make 3 or 4 things from this calendar, it was worth purchasing… and “threeolivemartiniâ€â€¦you’re so right… I don’t buy a book or magazine thinking I’m going to use every pattern. Shoot, sometimes I buy books for the inspiration alone. There... my 2 cents worth.
  14. I got that book off of Amazon.com since I wasn't able to find it in any stores. It was great to have while traveling during the holidays.... small enough not to be too bulky in a handbag and lots of fun hats. I did a hat with the "popcorn" stitch; however, it came out too small for my taste. It was still fun and easy to make.
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