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    mid-30s, married, owner of 2 bunnies
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    Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
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    crocheting, reading, road trips, hanging out with my nieces, photography
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    small, quick things...but i also make lots of afghans :)
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  1. Here is a link to my new crochet pattern, the water lily dishcloth! http://www.tangledyarns.ca/crochet/2013/7/27/the-next-free-patternthe-water-lily-dishcloth.html
  2. That would be a fun class! Imagine the multitude of colors and patterns a group would come up with! I've seen some tutorials online and thought that it was a fabulous idea. My only question, do they survive a round in the washer and dryer?
  3. She was such an asset to the crocheting community. I have always been a fan of her work and was tickled to have even been commenting in the same posts here with her; I loved how she was always willing to help out with any tips and suggestions from her years of experience. Her memory will live on through all of the wonderful patterns she so generously shared with us.
  4. Oh I'm so excited, I can't wait to download it to my ipad I'll leave my review later after I've played with it a bit. Thank you, and congrats to the other winners
  5. i'm reading this question differently...do you mean that you want to take 5 pieces of fused plastic (one for the bottom, the front, back, and each side)...and rather than connect those 5 pieces at the edges by sewing them together, you want to crochet them together? I don't see why not...you'd need something to make holes along the edges so you'll have somewhere to put your stitches, perhaps a small paper punch...then you could probably just either sc them together or make a row of edging on each piece and crochet the edging together. only way to know for sure is to try it i guess!
  6. nice job! i like the 'slight wonkiness'...it gives it a nice flair
  7. AuntChar

    RR question...

    I'm thinking about trying my hand at my first RR...just thinking about yarn at the moment. Do you think a RR look better in solid colors vs varigated? Does a varigated take away from the look of it, or have you not really found it to affect the 'wow' factor? thanks for your input!
  8. No way, don't change! Keep crocheting the way you like to, it's your work and you can do it however you want to. If anything, it just adds to the character of your pieces, and makes them a little more "you"!
  9. i found it with Marlene's instructions. i love that afghan, it's just my style! thanks for pointing it out
  10. wow! how long did it take you to make that? all of your hard work paid off, it looks great!
  11. i thought about it but couldn't find anything i liked, so i left it off!
  12. ha ha that's awesome! i love his expression
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