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    I am a single mum of four who loves to crochet.
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    Crochet,Reading,Movies.Spending time with kids and surfing the net.
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    Stay at home mum
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    I like to try my hand at new things.
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    Mum taught me the basics when I was about 11.
  1. Thank you all for the welcome! It’s good to see some names I recognise still here : ) I am sad to see that the swaps seem to be a thing of the past. I used to love participating in them and figuring out which ones I could do for the year.
  2. Hi, I used to be an active member here years ago and met some great friends through chat and all the exchanges. I'm excited to be back!
  3. Good luck Becca. I hope the job waits for you. One to one nursing sounds a lot less stressful. I'm crossing my fingers for you that you hear good news.
  4. Nor have I. It's kind of come to a standstill. I have also joined a scarf/cowl swap on Facebook that starts on the first.
  5. Such gorgeous squares. I just read back through a couple pages. Hugs for you Ann. I'm sorry for your loss xx. Maria I watched the link you posted on Facebook. Stephen sure can sing! I didn't miss the Bill moment lol. It's a dreary overcast day here today. A good day to pull out my second disc of pride and prejudice. I spent a good hour last night admiring people's groovy 'ghans. I really want to start one but I have so many projects on the go at the moment. My daughter goes on her second hub (scholarship camp) the first week of September and she wants me to finish her skulduggery afghan before then. My poor afghan hook has about 30 different colour changes hanging off it and I've only just started. It's all her own design and she drew the picture that I graphed. Becca can I get your address too please. I found a square I want to make you. I hope everyone has a great day/night.
  6. I'm still around. Don't get online as much as I like here at the 'ville but I'm still crocheting away! I have squares to send to Smith tomorrow and realized I never got her addy. I am happy to report that I successfully completed my cert 3 in aged care and will soon be starting cert 4. I am finding I am getting a couple days off between shifts and plenty more night shifts are coming my way. So it is giving me plenty of time for crocheting. I am going to watch pride and prejudice and work on Shai's skulduggery pleasant afghan.
  7. Congrats to our new reigning square! I pledge two squares. I want to see world war z! I took the kids to see monsters university today and it was such a big hit!
  8. Thanks Maria The best part of it all is that I now have time to catch up on crochet! I'm starting on the clues I've missed the past two weeks for our CAL after dinner.
  9. I'm so excited! Today was the last day of our face to face lessons in our aged care course. I handed in my completed last two units this afternoon. Apparently it takes three weeks for all our paperwork to go through the official channels and then we receive our certificate. So once I receive that I am a fully qualified AIN!
  10. The online store I found had the big red soft drink. We have huge frozen turkey for Christmas every year. But we have the yummy stuffed turkey roll in the supermarket freezers all year long. I forgot to add. Welcome back Lee!
  11. I'll have to check out the s'mores. In certain stores here we can get dr pepper, so we have tried that. Root beer floats is what I wanted it for! I checked out what rice crispy treats were and they are our rice bubble bars. My kids get packet ones of those for school so it would be cool to make our own. I found an online australian store that sells all American foods. Now I'm in trouble! I can have a constant supply of tootsie rolls. This can't be good lol! I am thinking to put an order in and these school holidays having an American meal with root beer floats for dessert. We have always wanted to try sloppy joes and I found several dry packet varieties in the store. Which one is the best to make them with?
  12. I just came home from shopping. One of our stores has a limited stock of American brand snacks and food stuffs at the moment. They had root beer advertised in their catalogue and since almost every teenage American novel mentions root beer we wanted to try it. Unfortunately they were sold out. So I'm sitting in front of my fire on this cold rainy day munching on milk duds. No one told me how awesome they were! Shame on you all! Lol I brought a can of marshmallow whip. What am I supposed to do with it?
  13. Blue has always been my favorite colour but lately I've been leaning towards the teals. For crochet I love chocolate brown with any colour. I've just realized that red is not a colour I use in crochet unless it's a Christmas item or someone has requested it. I'm sure I would be hard pressed to find a full skein in my stash. To wear I usually pick blue and the vain part of me knows that certain blues make my eyes really stand out. Yellow has also been making itself be known in my wardrobe. You can't help but feel happy wearing such a cheerful colour!
  14. I use the puppy pads too for Coco. I started using them when the puppies first started walking and mum stopped cleaning them up. I kept them near their bedding until they caught on to use the pads. As they got older I slowly moved the pad closer to the back door. Now if I'm home she goes into the courtyard, otherwise we still have pads set up in a couple of places for when I'm at work. Your new puppy is adorable!
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