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  1. Hi Dar, I had to sign-in with a different pw because I couldn't remember the one I signed up with years ago. Thanks so much for posting this pattern here. I guess I'll be busy collecting your patterns all over again. 😊 It's really beautiful.
  2. So true, any more these days who argees on anything! lol. Nancyb
  3. YW. You did a fantastic job with the winter one, I'm sure you could do it, you have a lot of talent in pattern designing. I think that each gown should reflect the season. As an example, the fur trim on this gown puts you in the mind of winter. Anyway I love all the patterns you have done and went thru every post in the forum looking for those patterns for the 18" doll and have made serveral of the patterns so far. I don't know how to post pics or I would share. Nancyb
  4. This gown is just gorgeous. I was going to make another wedding gown for the daughter of a friend of mine for one of her 18" dolls; I changed my mine I'm making this instead and the bridesmaid dress is just so adorable, I have to make enough of those for all her girls. Have you considered making a wedding gown for all four seasons? That would be so cool. Thanks you for all the wonderful patterns you share with us. Nancyb
  5. Is there any way to still see this doll outfit? I went to the blog and to the patterns page of website and can't find it.
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