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  1. I am also a knitting noob. I just completed half of a set of fingerless gloves from a pattern I found on ravelry. I was using a set of double pointed needles. I too, was really proud of being able to actually finish it without throwing it across the room... more than once or twice. :-) Great job! Yay for new knitters!
  2. If you created the pattern on your own and made it yourself, then you have no reason to feel guilty. I'd feel bad if someone paid me that much for a pattern I totally copied from someone else. That's why I have a "just buy the yarn" policy if someone wants something. You should be thrilled that someone believes what you make is that valuable!! Good job!
  3. Wow that's really awesome. Its something unique, for sure.
  4. I feel like "knit" is the word people know. Not many people know the word "crochet." So when people see something made out of yarn, they automatically assume that it was knitted. It is frustrating, because we all know better, but most people don't.
  5. I am working on an afghan with the Detroit Lions logo and team name. It's difficult because I'm not awesome at tapestry crochet, and anytime I find information about it, they're always using thread, not yarn, which doesn't really help me. So I'm winging it and hopefully it turns out okay.
  6. I didn't make a laptop cozie, but I did make one for my tablet. I used 100% cotton thread, because I knew it wouldn't scratch the screen or leave fuzzies, because I think that cotton thread tends to be smoother. I think it turned out well. So basically if you find a good smooth thread, you shouldn't have too much trouble with fuzzies all over the place. I recommend not placing your laptop on top of anything made of yarn while you're using it though. The fan on the bottom is the last place you want fuzzies. Plus it could over heat. Here's my tablet cozie.
  7. I use crochet to relax, and also to take out anger. When I'm angry, I can work myself into a crochet frenzy, and usually it helps me to get some of that anger out in a constructive way. Sort of like a punching bag. Crochet also makes me feel good about myself. I know I have a bit of a natural talent for it, and when I can finish something that looks good, then I can feel good that I made it. Sometimes I just take out past projects and look and admire them. Not to be full of myself, but to remember making it and enjoy something pretty.
  8. Thanks for the tips! Ill have to try them out!
  9. Wow those are awesome! Great job!! love the one that looks like a puzzle!
  10. flyinghigh

    Perfectly Plaid

    Very nice! It looks like one of those awesome blankets you wrap up in on the couch and watch a good movie with a glass of wine ;-)
  11. So I've been on a hat-making spree for some friends of mine. Hats and I... well... we don't get along too well. My biggest issue is joining rounds. I can do it, but I never, ever, ever, ever have a straight line of where the "seam" is. It's always a line that goes in a sort of diagonal. Is this normal for crochet? Because it doesn't look good. And even if I do the method where it's a continuous spiral, and I use a marker to keep track of the first stitch, and I'm just working the same number of stitches around and around, the joining place is still WAY off. It's frustrating because I like to use different colors but it never comes out looking nice. The hats come out of the experience being alright.. size wise and everything, but I just hate those joining spots!! Does anyone have this problem or am I crazy(er).
  12. I'm working on an afghan. The pattern is one that got from one of those sites where you submit a picture and it turns it into a graph for you. However, I'm struggling with the whole using multiple colors and such. I'm almost ready to just start cutting and sewing in ends instead of carrying it along everywhere. The afghan will have a giant Lion and the word "Lions" for the Detroit Lions!
  13. I have an 8 year old niece, and she knows how to use the circular knitting looms, but I don't know if my sister has taught her how to crochet, and she has never asked me about it. But my sister is one of those people who is never happy unless something is absolutely perfect (which in any craft such as this, it is very hindering, she doesn't finish many projects), so I know my niece will pick up on that as well. Which is sad. If you're learning, you have to be content with mistakes.
  14. I have to say I've never done that. It is silly though that you hid it from yourself.
  15. I dont know if anyone has heard about this, but i think its a good cause and just wanted to spread the word. The special olympics is looking for crafty people to make scarves for the special olympics next year. They only want you to use two specific colors, and the specific yarn is Red Heart, and they want the scarf to fit certain measurements, but other than that, they want people to be creative with the designs. My mom and i are making some for Michigan. The websife for the cause is scarvesforspecialolympics.org. you can find all the information about how many each state needs and where to send them. Also the exact measurements for the scarves. Anyways just thought i'd tell everyone about it incase you're interested!!
  16. That's funny, and sometimes there are random things on Amazon that have a huge price. I was looking for the story the Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King (before I realized it was part of a collection of stories), and there was one that cost something like $300. So ridiculous.
  17. flyinghigh

    knooking hook

    I saw an ad for this in my current issue of Crochet Today, and I tried to go to one Walmart and they didn't have any of these. I was so disappointed! I really want to try it out. Some of the patterns they showed are super cute.
  18. Is it a case of crochet identity theft? I hope not!!! Either way... as long as someone doesn't start claiming that are you, shouldn't be too much harm done, right?
  19. I like ravelry... it's a fun place to keep track of and show off your projects that you're working on. I'll add you!!
  20. add numbers. someone had flyinghigh.. so i added the year of my birth.. 88.. to the end, and now that one is mine.
  21. Unless totally necessary, like having color changes, I try to avoid having a slip stitch and turning chain and just make one continuous round, while marking the first stitch of the round. But with color changes you kinda get a funky looking row, but I'll take that over trying to deal with slip stitches any day.
  22. Hearts! and that design is super adorable. You should post it when you get the directions down!
  23. I'm not sure how your piggy's short ears, variegated sweater and the fact that it's CROCHET infringes on a long eared, striped shirt and red dress NOT crocheted ... Thing... Thats just so lame. I'd fight it. Get details and confront them. Be like, can you explain how I'm infringing on your product, please? See what they say and post it here so we can all laugh.
  24. That is such an adorable pattern!! Good luck with the pattern and hopefully you don encounter more problems!
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