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  1. Boy was that quick, and so appreciative of your efforts ladies, love the freebies, and even at 2 dollars, is cheep enuf for me. Many thanks again, knowing you have helped a stranger!
  2. Looking for some kind of doo rag pattern for fella, lady whomever needs it, but can't find the simple start I know there is. Is there someone out there brave enuf to take on this venture? I just don't know how to get started, and need some help, PLEASE? Something close to this would be perfect.
  3. I guess I better back off, I mostly use white size 10, and really could not see my adding the colors to my stash. I really haven't got the room now anyway, but I do so appreciate your taking the time to list what you have. You have a wonderful stash there, if someone does get their hands on it, will be something to enjoy working with. Lots of colors! thanks again, and good luck.
  4. is there any way to get a pic, some of the colors I can't bring to mind. Much appreciated.
  5. I will add my voice to the previous poster, need to know more about the colors, and what you actually have. Can you take a pic of the whole batch? Also, what would be the price?
  6. These are the mags I have to offer, good shape, and 1.50 each, plus postage will get you what you want. If you want them all, would be able to make a deal. I am trying to downsize, and these are doubles of the hard copies that I already have. thanks for looking. Magazines are somewhat in groups #23 thru 28 #40 thru 49 magazine # 51, and magazine # 85, are the only lone mags in the group. thanks gals for looking, if interested, send me your zip will get particulars together and let you know the damages. I will be here off and on, as there are medical issues at home, so please be patient if I don't respond immediately. I will do it as first come, first serve. Shaddy
  7. I do the flakes and angels for the elderly at the assisted living, so they can hang them either on mirror, window, or wall, wondering if anyone has come up with something for for an angel pattern in the last couple years? or, can someone point me in the right direction to locate one? Thanks to anyone. I had seen a simple bell shaped angel, but can't locate a pattern. Shaddy
  8. yes I did want to post, guess I forgot,hoping to find cover pics, and numbers too. Will be back.
  9. Been searching ages, it seems anyway, and maybe I can get someone here to show me the right direction. I might be looking at more, but would love to get my hands on these 3 for sure.
  10. Anyone have something like this made up and ready to share? I am not good without instructions, and know you gals are number one with them. Thanks so much, Shaddy
  11. I was hopeful someone would dream up a nosewarmer pattern on this site to share with everyone, after the polar vortex last year, and talk of another one to come this year, am looking to make something for us REDNECKS to wear while snowblowing, and walking the dog. Anyone got directions they can spare?
  12. almost complete magazines for both, at least a hundred, probably more. Are you looking for a complete listing>
  13. I had intended to take them to the local assisted living facility, space is limited there, so was turned down. So wondering if any villers out there would be interested in either some or all of Annie's Crochet Newsletter magazines, Annie's Pattern Club, and I believe I also have a few of Annies Fav Crochet that I can let go. The booklets are a dollar each, and you pay shipping. PM me and let me know? Almost all issues of first 2 are included, last batch is hit and miss. Very good condition. Shaddy
  14. Have scads of newsletters, and pattern clubs I would/could trade for said book. PM me please/ Shaddy
  15. anyone have a copy they might sell? I have scads of the newsletters, and pattern clubs I could/would trade, for this mag. Thanks Shaddy PM me please?
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