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    new to crochet, love it!
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  1. That afghan is really great. All about that nubby texture!
  2. Eugenie


    that is just beautiful!
  3. How cute! Very creative bikini. I too turn my son into a drag queen sometimes to model the sweaters I'm making for his little girl cousins!
  4. Very sweet sweater. Best of luck with your new baby
  5. Eugenie

    Finger Puppets

    Love them! They're adorable
  6. That poncho is really beautiful. I love the yarn you chose - the pale pink alpaca looks absolutely divine and the subtle strips of novelty yarn give the garment a designer look. Really nice.
  7. This is an interesting thread - thanks for posting it. I just bought some multi colored Lion Wool Prints to use in a garment and I hadn't even thought about this issue. I'll be sure to match the colors when I change now. I hope I bought enough yarn
  8. Yes I'd love to make it into a real jacket but when I was making it with all those loops I was worried about the bulk in the underarm/shoulder area. Maybe I'll start over and try again with solid sleeves as you suggest. Thanks everyone for your kind words!
  9. Those are cute. I especially like the wine colored one. It would be cute over a little t-shirt as well as alone
  10. Does it also have a narrow shawl collar? Didn't see the show but what I like about it from the photos is the way it sits on the shoulders and has a very open decolletage. This IS different from your typical capelet which tends to be tighter around the neckline or even tied at the neck. I see Elizabeth's point that the neckline must be due to attaching it to the shirt below. It is a cool design
  11. I just started crocheting in October. My first skein was a vareigated red heart classic in autumn colors. I tried in vain to make a sample square but it always became a triangle. Then I went to the lovely yarn shop next to where I get my coffee and bought a decadent skein of hot pink single ply merino wool. The owner hooked me up with an Interweave Crochet magazine and recommended the ruffly scarf on the cover and I've been addicted for the past six months.
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