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    check me out on Facebook at Shabby Monkey
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    Florence SC
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    crochet and scrapbooking
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    full time crocheter
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    hats and baby booties
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    since 1978
  1. I have not been on this site for around 4 years but I remember you Darski. I want to tell you these patterns are adorable and I know how much work goes into making your own pattern. Some people wont thank you but all your hard work is appreciated. Thank you for posting your patterns!
  2. Thank you both so much. I really appreciate you!
  3. My first project was a wall hanging baby accessory organizer. It had pockets to put things in and a puffy section for diaper pins. Back in the day of cloth diapers...lol..ok, about 32 years ago...oh gracious, I am old.
  4. Welcome from another member in SC. I moved here from West Virginia in august. Nice to have you here.
  5. Thanks everybody. You guys always make me feel welcome here.
  6. I have been gone for a while but I intend to become very active at crochetville again. I love it here. The only reason I stopped was I didnt have access to a computer all the time. Now I have moved and I have all the time I want on the computer....so, I am back and I missed you guys.
  7. I am wanting to make my great niece some more clothes for the baby doll that she carries around all the time...14 inch please with a cloth body. thanks
  8. this blanket is beautiful. I hope the surgery goes well. Love and hugs!
  9. That pink dress is absolutely gorgeous. I have to buy that pattern now!
  10. I am 40 and I have been crocheting since I was about 8 or 9. My mom taught me. She could crochet anything...she was a master!
  11. This blanket is beautiful. I love Grannies.
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