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    Married to a Navy man (I was once in too!), two kids (9 & 13),golden retreiver...
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    EVERYTHING! Reading, crocheting, knitting, quilting, art journals, ATC's,walkingmydog,ranoutof room!
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    thread doilies, but love yarn
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    1981 or so
  1. Hi, I'm a very visual person, so I drew out the pattern and the required DS....I'm not seeing a problem....since there is two DC..opps I just noticed that - you said two "Double single crochet" ... I took it as 2 "Double Crochet" stitches in every other chain across and therefore 2 "Double Crochet" stitches going back in the same manner across row 2. That works. Not sure what it means by DSC. OR it just may mean to work 2 SC in everyother stitch making it a 'double' single crochet!? ...I feel like I confused you more...sorry just clear up the DSC for us!
  2. Has anyone made the 'Woodland Lace' doily out of this leisure arts booklet? I'm having some punkering and just pulled out Rd. 8:rolleyes ...if you will go to my blog today you will see my post concerning this doily!! I thought it was worth a try seeing if anyone knows about this pattern! As you will see, if I don't get this next row correct, I might as well rip the whole thing out!!!
  3. Hi, it's been about a year since I've been gone! Came back and found it hs gone so! It was fun last time I'm sure it still will be! Look at my profile and you'll get to see something about me! Look forward to seeing everyones projects!
  4. My :2 ......since I kn*t too I've always been getting that catalog, but I AM noticing that CROCHET is really 'catching' on in marketing I drool over that catalog ..just got mine two days ago. Love the 'hooks' that show a crochet project. I could spend a fortune in there! I showed my husband the FX Bali ($50/skein), the Lusso ($58/sk), AND Helen's Lace ($48/skein) SOMEBODY pleeeease tell me WHY my hubby doesn't understand this stuff!!!???????? You know how they have the yarn grouped in 'yarn weight'? I was thinking of calling the company and having my future catalog to have the yarn grouped by price!!!!! :nana HA! What do YOU guys think?
  5. Hey there RachelG I kind of noticed that!!! (I have a friend also called Rachel) Welcome back and don't worry- I know how it is! We all need a break from everything for a while sometimes:yes ....that goes for everyone out there! :)h
  6. wow! awesome websites....the designs are really neat (the actual website & the goods!)
  7. 4PJ

    Bird Friends

    Ain't them just the cutest things you ever did see???:chicken 'Old McDonald...' comes to mind! HA! I love them! Good job! I think you have something there! How many 'bird' patterns can you find? WOW...the things I'm seeing our fellow crocheters doing...it's just sooooo inspirational!:cheer2
  8. WOW! that is so UNIQUE! I've never seen a star blanket like that! Great job!:wow
  9. LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for sharing that find!!!! It's on my list also!!!! ....one day.... I love our crochet humor too!!! I know we ALL have huge lists of things we want to CREATE!!!!!
  10. Ohhhhh! That was an awesome story of probably a once in a lifetime happening! Such a small world and when things 'line up' like that ..it really makes you think!! Thanks for sharing that
  11. LOVE ALL the emoticons! a suggestion for one...if I may?:thinking1 one that has something to do with 'time'....example, looking at watch, not enough time, a smiley clock?.....just an idea:idea
  12. Hi I'm glad you found us here! I think that was cute...afraid you will be talking in numbers soon! When I think about it we certainly do count a lot don't we? I really appreciate it here, although at times its hard to keep up with ALL the new replies....I do what I can. Simply put ---I'm so glad to hear you are so computer savvy at 68 yrs young!!! My mother would have nothing of this! Happy Crocheting!)
  13. Oh, gosh my duaghter and I just recently saw something that had two pig crochet patterns on a page....they looked like two cute "piggy banks" the left one was pink and the right one was blue. I'm going into detail and see if it jogs someone elses memory because for the life of us we can not remember where!! I thought it was Herrschners but those were carebears. I'm going to WM shortly for some thread maybe it was there we had seen it...if so I may go ahead and buy it for you!
  14. Real quick! Sorry if I duplicate any replies, but I was thinking of this question when I found a cool website....the page I copied has two plus size things.... http://www.karpstyles.com/catalog.html?page=2&category=Clothing%20Hats%20Bags[/link] among a lot others that I like! Cool website overall..lots of inspiration.)
  15. WOW! I'm glad I brought the subject up thanks for all the input everyone.....it just baffles me at times a city of this quality and size is lacking on these things! (also considering there is one (yes that is 1) yarn shop! (other than the others I mentioned way above!) Thanks for the input on the dates...I will start looking so yarn shops must of put advanced orders...I know I can order it at the website I get the interweave knits and love it, but I just wanted to look at it first. Plus if WM can get it then it's the 20% off....drats I'm so darn cheap!..opps I mean frugal.:sheep
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