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  1. Thanks, everyone! You make excellent points! I personally get chilled pretty easily for a 'northerner' (my friend in Chicago would chuckle to hear me call myself that, but hey - its all relative, right? ;>) but still LOVE cold weather that lets me bundle up in blankies. My friend lives near Orlando but grew up in Wisconsin, so she was used to the cold at one time, but I believe she now bundles up in temps I would think of as pleasently cool. I know she'd love anything I made for her, but I'd still hate for it to be unpractical. Sounds like I'll be safe with my round ripple idea in a lightweight yarn. Yea! Now for the fun part - picking out yarn!! Thanks for your help! I'll keep you posted!
  2. I have a good friend in Florida who is getting married in Feb. I'd love to make her an afghan, but does she really need one if Florida? I've been known to use my own afghans in the summer when I'm sitting in the air conditioning - but maybe that's just me! I'm thinking maybe a round ripple that would look pretty just laying on the back of a chair or couch even it wasn't used for warmth. What do you all think? Or do you have another idea?
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! Very glad to know I can substitute Caron SS for things like this, too! I just love the colors it comes in. I'm trying alpaca right now & so far don't seem to be reacting to it, so we'll see how it goes!
  4. So, I signed up to crochet something for a silent auction which is coming up next month, and choose a really pretty wrap that calls for wool yarn. Come to find out a few hours into hooking that I'm apparently allergic to wool ~ who knew! Can anyone tell me what other kind of yarn will work instead? I don't make garments very often, so I'm not sure what will or won't work as far as stretching, etc. Do you think if I use alpaca yarn, I'd be allergic to that, too??
  5. Love it! Where's you find the pattern?
  6. I am kitkat73 over there! Just got my invite last week! Its seems like a HUGE site ~ kinda mind-boggling. Any suggestions where to start? Once you're on, can you invite people yourself?
  7. Wow ~ I had no idea any place in the southwest was like that! Well, my brother grew up here in southern Illinois near St. Louis where we are used to constant weather changes, so he probably won't see much difference... my SIL on the other hand is from Malaysia! HOT!! She's lived in the US for a long time though & 10 years in St. Louis, so she'll be able to adjust, too. Thanks for the information! I'm so glad I can still make them a big thick one.
  8. You know, now that you say that... my brother's new house doesn't even have central air. They are in Gallup ~ not too far from Albuquerque ~ and sort of up in the mountains from the way it sounds. Considering that & what it sounds like I'd have to do to get the pattern to come out right in one-strand, I think I'll go ahead & double-up! Thanks for your help everyone!
  9. I just finished an afghan that I just love, and I'd like to make another as a housewarming present for my brother & sister-in-law who just moved to New Mexico. The pattern uses 2 strands of yarn at a time, but being in NM, they really don't need on that thick! Has anyone worked a double stranded pattern using a single-strand of yarn? Will I need more yarn that way?
  10. My mom makes a layette set for every baby born into our family (down to second cousins anyway!) and she almost always makes them for 6 or even 12 months size so the baby can grow into them. She feels they have a better chance of it fitting at least at some point that way. She made a few newborn sized a while ago, & the babies fit into them for maybe one picture and then were too big! I'm sure if you made a 'warm' one in a larger size it would be just as appreciated. P.S. I agree with leaette about going for an alternative to pink or blue! Babies look cute in every color, not just 'baby' ones!
  11. Chocolate chip cookie dough batter (homemade, not the tubed-stuff!) ~ its a real struggle to actually get it from the bowl to the oven!
  12. My mom started me off on dishcloths & potholders. They're quick to do & it doesn't matter if they aren't perfect. There are lots of little books with nice, easy patterns for them, but really all you need to do is pick a stitch to practice & make a sqaure. Plus, its nice to have something you can use immediately.
  13. Are there certain types of yarn that don't work well for clothing? Or some kinds that work better?
  14. Thanks for your help ~ must be a filtering-thing.
  15. No offense taken! Actually, I did have 'no email' selected for a while, but corrected that a few weeks ago to no avail.
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