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    I started again in 2004
  1. What a beautiful case! It's so nice of you to do this.
  2. What a great site. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Sounds like fun. I just signed up. I'll be going stash diving this weekend to try and find an appropriate yarn.
  4. Thank you to a NJ elf! I returned home from the CGOA conference to find 2 squares from Jersey in my mailbox. I especially love the flower square! Thank you !
  5. Thank you to the Elf in Chesapeake, Va. for the afghan square. I love the colors. I've added the square to my growing pile. Thanks!
  6. It was a great mail day! Packages from two elves (and no bills!!!)... First a thank you to the elf in Portland, OR for the green square to add to my Cville afghan. I've added it to my growing collection. I can't wait to put this blanket together. Next, Thank you to the elf in Alabama who sent some beautiful Christmas ornaments. They were made on an embroidery machine and are absolutely beautiful! I look forward to putting them on my tree this year.
  7. I returned home to a nice surprise in the mailbox. I received an afghan square from an elf in IN. Thank you! I will add it to my collection.
  8. A big Thank You to the Elf from New York for the Sugar and Cream cotton. You made my day! Thanks again!
  9. :sheepxmasHappy Holidays in July! :yarn6 or 12 inch squares for a Cville afghan (any colors) :yarnany sugar n creme - colors around here are rather limited :yarnanything Burt's Bees :yarncrocheted (or handmade) Christmas ornaments :yarnany sock yarn :yarnHooked for Life: Adventures of a Crochet Zealot - Mary Beth Temple used is fine :yarnanything handmade by you Thanks for reading my list!
  10. Where in OC are you? I belong to a group that meets in Newburgh.
  11. Hello! and from another NYer in Orange County.
  12. I also ordered in June and received my first issue yesterday!
  13. I'm in the Hudson Valley. I'll keep an eye on this thread for more information. July is pretty packed but I'll see what happens when you decide on a date. I'd love to visit some stores in that area.
  14. I plan to be at the conference. I'm interested in the details when they are available. I guess it's time to go get a passport.
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