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    mother of 4, grandmother to Riley and Alexis, crocheting for about 4 years now, self taught with the help of youtube
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    crochet, reading, gardening,
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    state employee
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    since 2008
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    baby blankets, hats, anything and everything
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  1. ddalford

    New Crocheter

    Hi! Youtube can be a big help when learning crochet. You can pause, rewind and learn anything you want to. I suggest small things like hats or dishcloths. Have fun!
  2. My unborn granddaughter. I wanted to crochet her all kinds of stuff. I taught myself to crochet from youtube. Now she is almost 4 years old and I love love love to crochet! Now I also have two more grandchildren to crochet for!
  3. ddalford

    Lighted Crochet Hooks

    I love mine also. I crochet in the car at night on trips and doesnt bother anyone.
  4. I've taught my both of my sons girlfriends and also my sons (all three) and my daughter. The only one to still continue crocheting is my older boy's girlfriend. But I figure maybe when they get older some of them might pick it back up. Her and I share patterns and she always coming to me for help. It's nice to have someone enjoy crocheting as much as I do.
  5. ddalford

    Most clueless remark you've heard?

    Someone said to me..."only old grandmas crochet."
  6. ddalford

    I am so proud

  7. ddalford

    Is anyone on Pinterest?

    i'm on there also...diannashook
  8. ddalford

    Domino effect!

    Thanks everyone! yes it is awesome
  9. ddalford

    Domino effect!

    Well I've taught three people to crochet. Both of my son's girlfriends. Now my son's girlfriend taught her mother and her sister to crochet. So now they all have the crochet bug lol. It's not your grammas hobby anymore! Jk, but I love having other people to crochet with and share ideas and patterns with. So this is great.
  10. ddalford

    What's on Your hook, right now!

    K hook couple hats I hook ripple blanket
  11. ddalford

    Sister-in-law Christmas afghan gift

    If she didn't love it... I do!
  12. ddalford

    My rows get shorter

    you should have same number of stitches as you do chains .... remember to count.
  13. ddalford

    Ear Flap Hats

    I will test these are really nice
  14. ddalford

    Christmas approaching way too fast!

    There aren't many kids that appreciate hand made stuff...that's for sure!
  15. ddalford

    Pink and White Easy Peazy Ear Flap Hat

    love, love, Love it!