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  1. I would think any type of bulky would work. Have you checked out the new yarn they have at KnitPicks. It is Brava Bulky and it is only 2.99 a skein. From the reviews, it is really soft. http://www.knitpicks.com/cfyarns/yarn_display.cfm?ID=5420220
  2. I don't know of any other graphing sites, but I have a suggestion. If you don't want to completely graph it yourself, look for a cross stitch pattern for the team. They usually have them. Then just break all the numerous colors down to the major ones, for example, make all the red tones, one color of red, etc. Use as much of the cross stitch pattern you want, figuring in a border around the cross stitch. Basically, one square is one stitch and a row of squares is one row of crochet. To get the width and length of the afghan you want, I would find a afghan in the stitch (single crochet perhaps) you are going to use of that size and use it for seeing how many rows you want it to be and how many stitches across you want it to be. Or, you can do the math with your gauge. I have found that single crochet makes a better graphing sitch as it is the same size up and down as across. Where as, double crochet is taller than it is wide. Hopes this helps...
  3. I've found the Bernat Berella "4" has the same weight/thickness feel to it as the Caron One Pound.
  4. Would it be from Crystal Palace Yarns. They have free afghan patterns on their site. http://www.straw.com/cpy/index.html
  5. If it is a lot of kids, make snowflakes and weave a real candy cane into it for presentation. (as long as the kids are old enough to be eating candy canes by themselves)
  6. Hi, If you want to purchase it, $3.50. It can be found on this site. I've never had any issues with getting leaflets from her. Just click on this site and scroll down to the leaflet number. http://www.countryyarns.com/la004.htm Leaflet number and name: LA2688 THE FACES OF CHRISTMAS ($3.50) by Carolyn Pfeifer To place an order, it is a link at the top of the page and also her email addy is there for questions.
  7. If you can't find any crochet patterns, try looking for one in cross stitch. You can adjust the cross stitch pattern for a graph for crochet.
  8. These are nice! With a skill level of easy to intermediate. http://www.anniesattic.com/detail.html?prod_id=81097
  9. Does anyone know when this starts arriving in our mailboxes? I don't know if mine is lost or if I just haven't gotten it yet!
  10. Great glove pattern! Thanks!
  11. here is a tuturial of crocheting a corkscrew: Hope that helps!
  12. Autumn

    has anybody ever?

    My mom did it to my jeans in the 1970's.
  13. Very nice! would love the pattern! Great Job!
  14. thanks! love the pattern!
  15. How about using a basting stitch with just a bright colored sewing thread. Then when you are done with doing the letter in yarn, you can just pull out the sewing thread.
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