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  1. Wow--way to go! I have a stash that is hanging over my head--I need inspiration like this to get me going. and, go buy more yarn--you deserve it. Nicole
  2. That's beautiful! The texture and colors are great! Nicole
  3. I love Homespun, but for some reason it never ocurred to me to make a Seraphina out of it, but it looks gorgeous! I love the color changes in the "painterly" colorways--you chose a beautiful yarn for the pattern. Great job!
  4. I don't think the picture is that bad---I was expecting much worse. To tell you the truth, the first thing I noticed was the stitch pattern and how nice it was; between the picture and the diagram of the pattern, I think it's clear how the pattern goes together. Some other pictures for other patterns are pretty bad, though.
  5. Those are beautiful and unique, and they *do* look just like Mexican sugar skulls!
  6. I also love the Crochet Stitch Bible---It's hard covered and has a spiral binding; I recently got it and can't believe I waited so long to buy it. Nicole
  7. I think that depends on your church; you might go the first time and scope it out to see if it is something that people wouldn't mind you doing. I know there are churches that don't mind---lots of people on this site say they crochet in church. In any of the churches I've been to, people wouldn't really appreciate that, but I do live in a very conservative state and the people (and churches) here are very conservative. Nicole
  8. Some people just don't appreciate handmade gifts, and that's fine, so last year I sent out an email to everyone asking if they would like something crocheted or not---no hard feelings either way, and I asked what they would like---scarves, hats, mittens, potholders, washcloths, shawls, etc. Some people said they didn't want anything, and I was fine with that (less work for me), and others told me what they wanted, and that made things easier for me. Nicole
  9. Homespun is the yarn I used for my very first crochet projects; at first it was difficult, but I just felt the stitches with my fingers and counted my stitches to make sure I wasn't dropping or adding any. I mad emy parents an afghan out of homespun--from their site--bordered patterned afghan or something is the name. It was squares with a nice wavy border around it; they use it a lot and wash it a lot, and the cats use it a lot, and it is slightly fuzzy, but it hasn't fallen apart and it definitely isn't ratty. They love it. I use HOmespun all the time; I just love it. Once you get used to it, I think you'll like it. Nicole
  10. footballmom--your afghan turned out so beautiful! The colors are perfect and the stitch definition is so nice.
  11. Well, I did go on a Peaches & Creme cone-buying spree at Walmart earlier this summer (and hid it from my husband!)---I could always make myself an afghan with that--I haven't made myself an afghan yet. You make it sound so lovely!!
  12. I don't think I'd make an afghan out of a 100% cotton yarn for the reasons you stated, but I think the 50% acrylic might make the 50% that is cotton more durable. i'm glad the shawl you made with the TLC Cotton Plus turned out so well--I have never ever seen that in a store; to try it, I'll have to order it. Thanks for the tip about the Bernat Super Value--I haven't used that before--I have used their ww acrylic that is suposed to be their Simply Soft alternative, and it was soft, but it was kind of fuzzy.
  13. Thank you so much ladies! I knew someone here (or several someones here) would come through for me. The Cotton Ease is expensive for an afghan; the TLC Cotton Plus seems more affordable, but I'll see if I can find some deals. I really love the Cotton Ease--so soft!
  14. Yeah---the cost on the cottonease is kind of prohibitive; I haven't looked yet, but I was hoping I could find somewhere online that sells it at a discount of some sort. The color selection is disapppointing. I would like to try the TLC Cotton Plus--it's acrylic/cotton, as well, and I think cheaper with more colors. I've never seen that in a store before, either. I'm glad that your afghan didn't turn out too heavy--even with the 100% cotton. I think it might be pretty heavy in a cabled afghan, though since it is more closed work and crossing stitches. I really appreciate your experience with Cottonease!! I also was wondering about if it would shrink or fade--the package says to wash it in the washer and and dry it in the dryer; I would think that having half acrylic would make it less prone to shrinking or fading. I will probably make up some swatches and launder them and see what happens. I've heard that it gets softer when you launder it. Nicole
  15. I went to a city an hour from here today and while we were there, I went to Michaels because I am thinking of making a cabled afghan for a friend of mine and I wanted to check out the various WW yarns available. Normally, I have used Homespun or Caron's Simply Soft for afghans, but Homespun isn't a good yarn for something like cables, and I think Caron's SS fuzzes and pills too much and is too shiny for a cabled afghan. I wanted something that is still soft but that is also easily cared for, and not so shiny. Anyway, I found Vanna's new WW yarn and Cottonease; I'd never seen either in person before, so I bought a couple skeins of each to work with it and see how it works up, but I was wondering if anyone here has ever used Cottonease for an afghan. If so, how does it wear? Is it good for afghans, or is it too heavy? Thank you! Nicole P.S. I am totally in love with the feel of the Cottonease! When I started crocheting, it had already been discontinued, and since they brought it back, I hadn't yet seen it being sold in a store anywhere.
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