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  1. Hey Donna - Can you sign me up too? I saw this discusstion and I'm like Faith - I've had the book for years but never done anything with it. I got a beat up one at WalMart marked down for a buck and I couldn't resist. Since I'm trying to get back into crocheting I thought different squares would be a good one to have fun with. Is there an end date everyone is shooting for? Thanks! Jenn:chicken
  2. They are all over in my area - I've seen them at Target, Walmart, all the Supermarkets and Barnes & Noble. If you haven't seen a picture of the cover, look for a white magazine with bright blue lettering. If anyone has trouble finding it, I can get a couple to mail to people. Jenn :chicken
  3. Hi Marnie! I've read your blog for awhile and I love your knitting patterns and I have your Nautilus in my to-do pile! Welcome from a fellow new person! Jenn
  4. Sorry, I tried to post examples of code you want to use to get a button on your blog but the ezpost caught me. I seconded what Deb suggested - look at the source code of a blog. If you save it like she mentioned, you can refer back to it and see what code produced the outcome you want. For buttons, look for some code with "Begin #sidebar" in it about 1/3 to 1/2 way down your template and you can put the same code someone used on their site and substitute your info for website link and photo location into theirs. If you have more questions, let me know. Jenn
  5. I love your sig quote Danielle! Hi from a fellow new member! Jenn :chicken
  6. I found your fun community a while back but have now just had the time to log on and check it out. My name is Jenn and I'm in San Jose, CA. I was taught to crochet by a coworker about 15 years ago and made a bunch of afghans and then got bored and moved on to another hobby (as is my habit!). I picked up knitting about a year ago and have wanted to start crocheting again. Thanks for all the great info you guys have posted. I'm learning alot! Jenn :chicken
  7. Hi Everyone, I found your group awhile ago but just haven't had time to post anything. Just a heads up on that Ready Set book. If you have a Michaels store near you, check and see if they have it. I saw it last weekend at a store near me. It wasn't as hokey as the title would lead you to believe. I haven't crochet'd in awhile - I'm currently on a knitting kick - and have been looking for a book with some easy projects to warm up with. I didn't get it, but I'm still thinking about it. It did have a few cute things in it but since I'm relatively low on the skill totem pole, I don't know that I'd recommend it to anyone too advanced if you get bored. Thanks for all the info you guys post. I've really enjoyed all the info! Jenn
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