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    Charleston, Illinois
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    drag racing, crochrting, family
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    blankets & scarves is all I've tried so far
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    1983 off & on
  1. My name is Julie. I Live in Charleston, Illinois. I have crocheted off & on since 1983 after my mother-n-law showed me the basics. I really only know how to do the single and double stitches. I have just done my first project following a pattern. I found this in a box of stuff she had it is Country Afghans spring 1996. It is all granny squares in Royal Blue and Delft Blue, centers & trim in Aran. I will put a pic of it up when I get it done I am trying to figure out how to put a cloth backing on it.
  2. I'm doing grany squares so would I do this to each sqr before I put the pieces together?
  3. I'm going to make 3 or 4 extra squares and expieriment with it before I try it on my actual project. I will have to do this by hand because I do not own a machine. I'll let you know my results. thanks for your responses
  4. has anyone put a fabric backing on granny square afghan? I'm making one for my grandma and she has sensitive skin
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