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    I love crocheting because it gives me balance from the computer world that I live in
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    crocheting, crocheting and more crocheting and a few other things too!
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    Anything cute
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  1. CrochetSpot

    Lace and Ribbon Headband

    Crochet Pattern: Lace and Ribbon Headband This pattern is Emilee's own twist by making lace and weaving a satin ribbon through it. The ends of the ribbon work perfect for tying on the headband. These crochet up ultra fast and are great for adults and kids alike!
  2. CrochetSpot

    Crocodile Stitch Baby Bib

    Awesome pattern Cindy!!
  3. CrochetSpot

    Mason, The Jar

    Crochet Pattern: Mason, The Jar
  4. CrochetSpot

    Crayon Case

    Crochet Pattern: Crayon Case
  5. CrochetSpot

    Braided Bangle/Cuff Bracelet

    Crochet Pattern: Braided Bangle/Cuff Bracelet Have fun crocheting this neat accessory!
  6. CrochetSpot

    Half-Round Mini Bag

    Crochet Pattern: Half-Round Mini Bag
  7. CrochetSpot

    Open Drop Earrings

    Crochet Pattern: Open Drop Earrings Have fun crocheting these earrings to add to your accessories!
  8. Crochet Pattern: Mini Sweater Ornament / Applique
  9. CrochetSpot

    Teeny Bird

    Crochet Pattern: Teeny Bird
  10. CrochetSpot

    Christmas Pickle

    Crochet Pattern: Christmas Pickle Have fun crocheting this fun ornament for your tree
  11. CrochetSpot

    Loopy Pinecone

    Crochet Pattern: Loopy Pinecone
  12. CrochetSpot

    Cuffed Glasses Case

    Crochet Pattern: Cuffed Glasses Case Here's a cute case for your glasses
  13. CrochetSpot

    Branch Pendant

    Crochet Pattern: Branch Pendant
  14. Crochet Pattern: Stuffed Christmas Tree Ornament
  15. CrochetSpot

    Buttons for Embellishing

    Crochet Pattern: Buttons for Embellishing