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  1. I really like how you used the two colors
  2. I love it!!!!!!!! i I just started working with thread and love it. Your shawl is so elegant Is the pattern for sell somewhere Thank for sharing
  3. Loved looking at your pictures.... your work is beautiful..... you are a very talented lady... thanks for sharing... Bev
  4. http://pandacrochet.8m.com/hidden_ends.htm I love making hats but always struggle with how to make the last stitch in the last row smooth and without a hump. I ran across the above site and thought I would share. I tried it on my last hat and it works great. the tutorial is actually for granny squares but works for hats too.Bev
  5. That is BEAUTIFUL . I love the spiderweb. Where did you find the patern?
  6. very very pretty..... i have the book but haven't tried any of the patterns yet. thanks for sharing.... love the color
  7. Very pretty. I have the pattern in my to do stack. thanks for sharing
  8. I liked the way you striped them. Very nice thanks for sharing
  9. love the colors...... and that is my alltime favorite shawl pattern. thanks for sharing.
  10. Thanks for all your help. I will look on line to order one now. This group is the greatest
  11. I had a baby afghan booklet that had a spiderweb pattern in it. It was worked all in one piece. I have misplaced mine. Does anyone know which one it is so I can try to order another copy? thanks a bunch
  12. Hi I am Bev from Iowa. I have one 14 yr old girl and a dear husband of 28 years. I have been a member for a few months and come to realize how much I have learned really and enjoy this group. I have crocheted for years and now just do the things I want to and that excite me. No more taking orders or repeating the same thing over and over because I can not say no. I crochet lots of hats for charity and try to do them in fun colors that the kids will like. I love making shawls and usually give them away to the college girls that work with me. Recently I decided to make the round ripple that is talked about so much. I was making the pattern harder than it is. So I just did a search on this list and found all kinds of helpful information and beautiful examples. ChromeKitty's count list was a big help. I am now making a beautiful pink and lavendar baby afghan with no problems at all. I love to look at the show and tells . It is so much fun seeing what everyone is making. I am still exploring all the knnoks and corners of this list. Thanks to everyone who helps to keep this list alive. Hugs to all Bev
  13. Love it!!!!! What type of yarn is the scarf made from?
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