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  1. Here is a tip I got from the felting forum - crochet a couple of stitches and rub under running water. If the sample felts, it's wool. Easier and safer than burning or bleaching!
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    Your question rang a bell, and I found this information online. Don't know how old the Web site was, so you might want to check with the person listed before sending anything! SERVICE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, INC. - A NON PROFIT 501c3 ORG 291 Dutch Lane Pittsburgh, PA 15236 Contact: Sherri Elizabeth Kearns +1 (412) 400-7009 email: sek@helpcatholiccharities.org World Wide Web: http://www.donate-to-charity.helpcatholiccharities.org Service for the Love of God, Inc. exists as a non-profit 501 C 3 catholic based charitable organization committed to sharing God's love through prayer, support, services, material goods and cultural exchange between the people of Benin (West Africa) and the people of the United States of America. Dear Friends: During our Mission in Benin, Africa we visited a Leper Colony. There were approximately 45 lepers at the colony and many of them had dressings over their wounds. The dressings were old, tattered and very dirty. The doctor said they are in desperate need of new dressings. Africa has many victims of the terrible disease leprosy. They are outcasts in society and life is not kind to them. You can help make life a little easier for them by making and donating these handmade bandages to wrap their wounds. You may wonder why handmade bandages and not gauze bandages. The reason is that the handmade bandages breathe better and can be washed for re-use. If you have the God given talent to be able to crochet and you have the time to share with our brothers and sisters in Jesus then we ask you PLEASE to help us by making some bandages for the lepers of Benin. Crocheting Leper Bandages Directions Items needed: 1 ball of 100% mercerized cotton 4 ply size 10 bedspread weight thread. (white – 225 yards, machine washable) Size D crochet hook. Directions: Use size D crochet hook (loose tension desirable). Chain enough stitches to measure about 3†in width. Single crochet into each chain. Chain one and turn. Continue until approximately 3 feet in length.
  3. Yes, I would. I like it. But I can't stand pastels, country style, teddy bears, lace, etc., so that's more my style.
  4. I had exactly the same problem with this pattern. The petals never separated nicely, and it just looked like a rolled up piece of crochet. Maybe I'll try it again sometime and see if it works according to the method above.
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    Boucle Help

    I can't remember where I read this tip, but you can hold a light behind your work to help define the stitches.
  6. Thanks, I think that's the best idea. I'm no seamstress, so this would be easier.
  7. Do you have any advice on how to line a crocheted skirt? As an experiment, I recently made my daughter one out of reg. acrylic yarn in a fan pattern - it came out sort of thick and snug, but the fans separate a bit and show gaps in-between. I thought she could wear it over stretch pants, but she's isn't excited about that idea. Any other ideas?
  8. I have made I-cord with "chopstick DPNs" - just sharpen the other end of the chopstick (even thickness) with a pencil sharpener and sand it. I would guess they ended up about a size 6, and felted I-cord was about 1 cm wide or so (three stitches of Wool of the Andes to give you an idea of the thickness). Of course, you can buy DPNs, too , I just wanted to experiment with I-cord before I went out and bought a bunch of sets.
  9. Hmm, that's interesting and a good tip. Why don't the sides of bags felt together?
  10. Thanks for the sink tip! I just made my first fulled bag, and it took 3 washes (I washed jeans and towels along with the bag, which was stuffed in a pillowcase), but it's still not felted as tightly as I would like for an everyday bag - my keys keep sticking through!
  11. I have not made fridgies, but what about a piece of felt on the back? They sell a stiffer kind of felt in craft stores that might work.
  12. I think this would work. I just made my first felted bag, which I wanted to double as a book bag, so I used 3 strands of 100% wool - it came out very thick and sturdy. The key would be making the handles strong enough, but if they were part of the bag or wrapped around the bag, that would work, too.
  13. I think someone experienced in making granny squares would have no problem. I was a little confused because I have never made them before. But I figured it out!
  14. PJ, I made your cell phone holder yesterday in heathered gray Wool-Ease. It's a very nice pattern! I was a little confused before I got the idea of the shape, but from then on it was smooth sailing. The Wool-Ease works fine, and I figure that will be my winter cozy, because the wool is a bit scratchy to wear around the neck without a sweater. Otherwise I plan to make one in cotton for the spring/summer. Really a fantastic pattern! Thank you!
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