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  1. (((hugs))) I can't imagine how heartbreaking that would be. I agree with the e-bay reserve price idea. Let another young lady cherish it.
  2. That is adorable! Great job!
  3. I'm returning after a long absence after a short stay. Hopefully this time I can get comfy!
  4. I was having pain in my thumb and wrist while crocheting, in my gripping hand. I would have to stop for a while and stretch things out. But, as of last night, I am in constant pain and it hurts too much to crochet. Has anyone experienced this? It's a horrible burning pain, there is a little swelling in my wrist and thumb. Any suggestions would be wonderful. I use the metal hooks, do I need to get ones with an ergonomic handle? Any suggestions? Thank you so much. I can't live without crocheting! OK. . . I guess I worded this wrong, because while I certainly appreciate the advice that I've gotten, and it is all wonderful advice, it's not *quite* what I'm looking for. . . Anyone had any success relieving crochet-related pain with a particular hook? I'm considering the new clover soft-touch handled hooks, because my problem seems to be when I use the smaller hooks while making socks. I'm working with a larger hook now and not having any problems. I've also adjusted my grip and am not working so tight. Thank you!
  5. Welcome mammasue! Alright, I am off to update my siggy again, I finished the dachshund! I'm going to start ds's soaker tonight.
  6. I updated my signature, finished two projects! Hooray for all the good work that everyone is doing! I had to add to my list, my friend needs a little pick-me-up, so I'm going to make her a crocheted weiner dog. She always wanted a dachshund.
  7. Congratulations on the twins! I started ds's longies, but I have to frog back up to the waist band and start again. Grrr. I'll do that tonight. Luckily they work up quickly when I make them right.
  8. This is neat! I love it, I especially love that it is not your *typical* baby afghan, kwim? alright, that's all I can catch up on right now, I gotta make dinner! I'll pop on later if I can. :-)
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