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  • Birthday 08/24/1948

A Few Things About Me

  • Real name
    Vonnie Byers
  • Short bio
    I'm a mother of three, grandmother to eight. I have two fat cats. I have a large yarnstash.
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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Hobbies
    crochet - a little gardening - photos - some painting
  • Occupation
    data entry for a financial institution
  • Favorite projects
    afghans - rugs - sweaters - just about anything
  • Crocheting since...
    I've been crocheting since 1993
  1. Very pretty. Really like your patterns.
  2. Very pretty. Love the color. you did a great job.
  3. This is absolutely gorgeous. You are very talented. Congrats.
  4. That is so cute. I like the looks of all Heather's patterns, but i have a problem translating to American. Any ideas? I've several of her patterns and would love to make them.
  5. This is adorable. I'd say add a flower to the had.
  6. That's adorable. You did a great job!
  7. Very pretty colors. When I find a pattern i really like I do several in different colors, too.
  8. This is really pretty set. What pattern did you use?
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