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    Benn crocheting for 33 years
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    Crocheting, computer, trying to learn to knit
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    33 Years
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    Little Girls Clothes
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing... I am gonna start using this method.... Wonderful
  2. 1. Complete the Castleghan 2. Make some 5 Little girl Purses for Christmas 3. Make 5 Baby washcloths for bro and sis inlaws upcoming baby 4. Learn something new.
  3. Welcome From Dallas, Texas:clap:waving
  4. I crochet at least a couple hours or more a day... I switch to smaller projects during the summer and the larger ones in the winter... Sometimes the smaller projects will be making squares to sew together in the winter...
  5. Very lovely and I enjoyed the creation. I am gonna have to make one to hang on my tree...
  6. The bargain prices are my favorite. I have lots of yarn for the bargain prices.. She finally gets to wear it. It is turning a little bit cooler her in Texas
  7. I am new to posting and keep messing it up. This is something I made from some suede yarn i got for only 1 buck per skein how cool is that...
  8. They are lovely and the colors are adorable great job.
  9. That so pretty you did a great job
  10. PM me an address and I will send them out this weekend.
  11. In October I want to complete the Debbers Teardrop and have it in the mail to my mom 75% Completed I completed it yeah yeah yeah I want to complete the cubed section of a special order afghan. 2/3% completed I completed it yeah yeah yeah Complete a new design for a shawl In my head already Did not make this one 2 out of 3 for October not bad to start...
  12. My name is Aundie I have 5 children three older boys 24, 23, and 21 then I have a boy 10 and a girl almost 9 at home. I have two grandchildren and three stepgrandchildren. I have been crocheting since I was 9 and love to creat my own designs. I recently lost the aunt that taught me to crochet and decided it was time to start sharing what I have learned with others as she did for me. And No matter how long you do something you can always learn something new. I love to learn new crochet things. I am attempting to learn to knit. Not having much luck but I will keep practicing. I look forward to getting to know yall and sharing ideas and thoughts and learning from your experiences.
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