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    I am a well into middleage grandmother who enjoys crocheting,reading,cooking.
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    crocheting,cross stitching,and reading.
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    30+ yrs.
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    afghans,scarfs,thread crochet.
  1. anoramaxsis

    new here

    :welcomefrom Ga.
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    Hi from Canada

    :welcomefrom Ga.
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    Hi from Australia

    :welcomefrom Ga.
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    Hello from Ohio

    :welcomefrom Ga.
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    hi from newbie in Florida

    :welcomefrom Ga.
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    :welcomefrom Ga.
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    Opps! Forgot to come in and say hello!

    :welcomefrom Ga.
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    Hello and Happy Holidays from Michigan!

    :welcomefrom Ga.
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    Hello from the Heartland

    :welcomefrom Ga.
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    HI from bundabean!

    :welcomefrom Ga.
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    Hi I am new here

    :welcomefrom Ga.
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    Hi from Minnesota

    :welcomefrom Ga.
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    What is a

    It is a strip that is twisted and sewn together. I made one over the summer for my sister. They are easy and fun.
  14. anoramaxsis

    How do you use thread scraps and tails?

    I use most of mine for stitch markers.
  15. anoramaxsis

    Hi from Argentina!

    :welcomefrom Ga.