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  1. Is the harvest Wheat pattern doily available to the public, free or by purchase? I want one.
  2. I found that if you have a photo program such as one from Adobe (I use Photoshop), the photo can be changed. The program can eliminate some of the colors/grays for you. As a black and white, it can go from totally white areas to black with as few or as many shades in between. The process is to get rid of so many close color values. It can be used in a process called "Levels" Here is an explanation of it: http://www.the-graphics-tablet.com/color-cast.html Try a trial version of Photoshop and play with it. Photoshop takes a photo and turns it into "pixels" or squares. Such squares can be used for crochet, weaving or knitting. It also has lots of effects under "Filters" that are fun to try. Never know what it'll turn out until you try. Good luck.
  3. The link doesn't work. Can someone send this pattern to me at zeartiste@hotmail.com or post it to my Shawl Discovery group.
  4. Can someone send this pattern to me? Email to zeartiste@hotmail.com. I'm collectin different shawl/stole patterns to make for Christmas presents. Got to start early!
  5. Can you please send this pattern to me? I'm collecting them for Christmas gifts club.
  6. Can you send this pattern to me? The website doesn't exist anymore. zeartiste@hotmail.com
  7. Can you send this pattern to me? I've looked everywhere to get it and so far...lots of sites that aren't there anymore. zeartiste@hotmail.com
  8. Does anyone have this pattern??? The website I've been given no longer exists. I'd really like to make several of these for Christmas and finding it difficult to creat my own pattern from photos. PLEASE!!! send the file to me, not the link to where it was...it ain't there any more! Email zeartiste@hotmail.com
  9. I need this pattern. The pattern links no longer exist. I hope someone has it and will send it to me.
  10. Can you send me a copy of this pattern??? The links are gone and I can't find this pattern. I'm new to the blog so I'm trying to find this wonderful pattern for my collection... and maybe get a jump on Christmas presents.
  11. That link seems to be gone. By chance does anyone have a copy of it?? I sure hope so. Please send it to me by email.
  12. I'm new to the site but found it through Jinglelady's shawl page. I love that pattern and can't seem to find it anywhere. Can someone tell me where to get it or send it to me by email? I love pineapples. Unfortunately my just threw out some of my boxes... and my antique patterns were in there! I got so mad. Now I am trying to build my collection again.
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