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    I love to crochet. I love my cats. My cats love to "help" me crochet.
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    Caldwell, ID
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    Crochet, of course. Reading, listening to music, engaging in intelligent conversations.
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    currently unemployed
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    almost anything. I don't like crocheting on a deadline though.
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    I learned how to sc and dc in 1996. In 2003, I picked it back up and learned some new stitches!
  1. I'm from ID and I was gone for a good while (my account said I last logged in on March 30th of 09 - LOL. I guess life just got in the way. But I'm back now! I've also become a member of Ravelry, which I love love love and spend way too much time on (haha). You can find me on there as cleverbritches it feels good to be back!
  2. hooray for teeny tiny crochet!!
  3. That is too cute!! I love snakes!
  4. Those are cute...! I <3 fingerless gloves and armwarmers. I practically wear them year round!
  5. wow, that's beautiful. I love the colors.
  6. squee! They are both so cute!! I especially love the colors in the first one xD
  7. ooh pretty!! It's just the right size to cuddle under and read!
  8. ooh I love your bunny, specially the fabric in his ears. so cute!
  9. I know right!! It's not actually that bright in person, something about my camera flash and the light in the room made it almost glow haha
  10. Well I can't take credit for the color choices - I let them choose their own patterns and colors. But thank you for your kind remarks!!
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