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  1. Hi everyone, Milkweed Project participant, L’ Tanya, is re-launching her very unique and wonderful site, Craftnicity. Today, April 10th, she has featured The Milkweed Project. If you leave a comment by the end of the day, you have the chance to win a beautiful crochet hook. http://www.craftnicity.com/craftnicity/2009/04/connecting... Drop by and tell her readers why you decided to participate in The Milkweed Project. Thanks for your participation. I have trouble connecting usernames to real-life names and emails. Feel free to add your crochetville username to your submission form. This will help me out Thanks for your patience! Happy Spring! Shan
  2. Hi. I want to let you all know that, as of tonight, I've mailed the submission form to everyone. If you have signed up prior to tonight and not received the form, please message me and let me know. Include your email address and double check your bulk folder first. Thanks! Shan
  3. Thanks to all of you for joining. I'm thrilled to have crochet pieces in this project. I'll resend the form later this spring just in case it gets misplaced. Best, Shan
  4. I'm so glad you all joined the project! There is mention of Crochetville at Ravelry, Amy. Thanks so much. You'll all hear more from me soon. Shan
  5. Thanks to all of you for joining the project. I can't wait to see what you create. I'm emailing an official submission form to all current participants later today. Amy and Donna, Thanks so much for your support of this project. It's much appreciated!
  6. Hello! My name is Shan Bryan-Hanson and I'm an artist currently working on a large collaborative art installation called The Milkweed Project. I am seeking people who crochet, knit, spin, felt, etc. to contribute an original creation to the project. For more information, visit this page at my blog/website: http://sticksandstitches.squarespace.com/the-milkweed-project-you-p/ Thanks for your time and interest! Best, Shan
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