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    I have been married for 34 years to my best friend. We have one son and 3 dachsunds
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    In Steeler Country!-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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    I love to crochet (of course), garden, and cook
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    Realtor of 20 years
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    My Grandmother got me started in 1967
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    Sweaters, Purses and Toys
  1. totalrealtor

    Freeform pillowcover

    I LOVE IT!! I am such a linear person I just can't seem to get the hang of freeforem but I sure love it
  2. totalrealtor

    Annie's Attic - Little Rant...

    The bottom line in this OR any product is that "it is wht the market will bear". If people refuse to purchase and content themselves with using what they have or seeking other sources for patterns, the manufacturers will get the message. IF people buy at he inflated prices it will just cause further inflation of the sticker. It is true in ALL aspects of sales.
  3. totalrealtor

    Wanted pattern:Oil Lamp-lamp shade

    I just found this on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Victorian-Lamp-Shade-Crochet-Pattern-/260737945965?pt=US_Crocheting_Knitting_Patterns&hash=item3cb531516d
  4. totalrealtor

    Old thread ball sizes

    this site: http://www.heirloomcrochet.com/hccrochetthreads.html has tones of info on thread sizes, hook sizes etc.
  5. totalrealtor

    puppy/dog sweater

    A puggle is a cross of pub and beagle.
  6. totalrealtor

    Fish bookmark

    Oh Anna, these are darling!
  7. If you look at the back pic, she used a piece of stretchable lingerie lace sewn in.
  8. totalrealtor

    Curious about the stitch used in these bracelets...

    If you go to [Admin Edit to remove link to filtered site; see AmyS's post below] they have a ton of crocheted bracelets
  9. totalrealtor

    Airy Drawstring Cardi

  10. totalrealtor

    Has anyone seen this pattern

    Yvette, Thanks for the info. Yes, the Pineapple Delight is correct but the lacy Swirls is not the one I believe.
  11. totalrealtor

    Has anyone seen this pattern

    Does anyone know what the pattern kit name is? Looked but didn't see it
  12. totalrealtor

    freecrochet site

    Dorothy, I am not sure which 2 you want but these are the four sites I hit each morning for the free daily pattern. Harriett http://www.free-crochet.com/ http://www.dailycrocheter.com/day.php http://www.freepatterns.com/ http://www.jpfun.com/
  13. totalrealtor

    African Flower/Paperweight Afghan

    Gorgeous!!! It reminds me so much of a quilt that my Grandmother made for me. She made most of my clothes when I was young and she always saved a piece of the fabric apparently because when I was married she presented me with a beautiful quilt done in all hexagons from the fabrics of my childhood dresses. I cherish that as if it were gold!
  14. totalrealtor

    Looking for "Pioneer" shawl patterns?

    I love that DMC pattern!!