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    The Eccentric Haus Frau living on Vashon Island, Washington State. Formerly an American living in Germany.
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    Crocheting, writing, sewing, rubberstamping, cooking, reading, knitting, traveling
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    The Eccentric Haus Frau
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    Almost anything except granny squares.
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  1. More often than not, I end up crocheting during Prime Time. It actually bothers me a little because I would like to crochet early afternoon until dinner...but life gets in the way no matter how much I try to get up early and get the daily stuff done...
  2. I do...all the time...and actually I do try to limit how many I do at a given time...it's almost impossible for me to just narrowly focus on one project from start to finish and not switch to something else...but I keep trying...
  3. Hi all...I have such a hard time making it over to this site any more...but I aim to get better. I'm currently working on the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan and for those of you on Facebook, you might have seen my profile pic of how far I've gotten on it... Hope everyone is doing well...happy crocheting.
  4. Good morning house...Happy 2012...am watching the Rose Parade on the Hallmark channel. I hope all of you are having a good day...I'm in slow motion today...but that's okay, as long as I keep moving about.
  5. Hello wonderful house, the prodigal daughter has returned. I have a new laptop so I actually might be visiting more. I hope you all have a great New Year!
  6. Hi everyone...my once-a-week post...we're flying to Virginia today and will be gone a week. But Judy knows that I now have a fancy new Smartphone so maybe I can try to keep up a little. We're going to visit some friends who were our neighbors in Germany. It's been 3 years since we've seen them. Then we'll be going to Indiana and Illinois to see Hub-E's family. We'll be back Oct. 15th... Yes, I've got crochet projects packed to work on! Have a great weekend.
  7. Hi everyone...I'm among the living. I had my outpatient procedure yesterday and today I feel more normal than I expected to, but I'm not going to go out and try to run any marathons or anything (not like I actually do run marathons...) But what I am going to do today and over the weekend is work on this cat bed shaped like a dog that will be up for auction for our local Vashon Island Pet Protectors "Fun Ball" slated for later in October...want to have it done before I leave on my east coast trip a week from today...so chair and tv is it for me while I work on the bed... I hope all of you
  8. Yeah, he had a nice low key birthday...might have to do something about that next year though...I want a blow out for my birthday anyway!
  9. Hi everyone, trying to be better about checking in at least once a week...forgive me if I don't do personals to everyone... It's a beautiful day, I just hope the humidity isn't as high today as it has been the past couple of days. We usually don't need A/C where we live, but last night, with the new heat pump, we cranked up the A/C because it had been a bit uncomfortable. Yesterday was Hub-E's birthday and it was a low-key day, but we had a couple of people over for dinner to celebrate and he got his birthday pecan pie. The one thing that kind of stressed us out during the day was th
  10. Hi everyone...thank you for the welcome backs so to speak...I should doing stuff around the house but my day is going a bit slow. Tonight I'm going to a local production of the opera Carmen, starring an actual New York Opera Diva (name escapes me though) and our own Vashon Chorale in the chorus. I was actually going to try to do this myself (sing in the chorus) but life just has other plans for me... I went to Debbie Macomber's Yarn Shop (my home away from home at least once a week it seems) and discovered I actually have two students, one for next week and one in November...woo hoo!!!!
  11. Thank you for the congrats! Already planning projects for next year. It's been quite the whirlwind lately...and will continue for a little while longer with stuff going on at the house here (new balcony and deck and eventually a new shed) and I have a medical procedure coming up (good thoughts would be appreciated as I'm a little freaked about it) and a trip to Virginia and Illinois in about 3 or 4 weeks... It's basically all good, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything at the moment. I hope you all have a good day today...
  12. Love your dogs Judy! I'm glad that Lucy is healing nicely... Tobybob, I am so sorry your son is going through all this...his in my thoughts and prayers...
  13. Hello House...I am truly very sorry that I don't visit more, but truly life has been getting in the way, in a good way, but still...heck Facebook's lucky I visit when I do! Part of it is that my laptop died and I'm back to using a pc which is upstairs and most of the time I'm downstairs... However, I just had to report how I did at the Puyallup Fair in Washington State this year. It was my first time entering anything in this Fair (last time was over 25 years ago at Cal Expo, which is California's State Fair...) Well, my baseball jacket got 2nd place, and yesterday I entered the Fastest
  14. Thank you for all the compliments and congrats everyone!!!! Still trying to catch up a bit...nice to see everyone...
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