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  1. Okay, I hope these are in the right order...here goes, for Row 4:So you slip stitch in each of next 6 chains of the ch 11 loop. (what it originally said was, "Sl st in 6th ch...") Now for the tricky part: ch 2, the wrap thread around your hook 3 times and in the 3rd ch of the same 11 ch loop you will crochet 1 loop (or simple act like you're doing a sc but leaving the other loops on your hook. Then yarn over and insert your hook into the 3rd ch OF THE NEXT 11TH CH LOOP. yarn over and crochet like you're doing like a double treble stitch...working off all the loops. Hopefully my picture will show that now you have 2 small rows of 2 spaces each for a total of 4 spaces all together. Is that clear as mud now? LOL... Now that you're at the end of the first 11 ch space, ch 2 and rinse and repeat around. I hope this helps. If it doesn't, I'm really sorry.
  2. So almost a year later and the doily is still not quite done. It is a big doily. I'm working on the pineapples that ring the edge now. I had two emails regarding the infamous row 4 and since it had been so long since I had made up the motif, I had to make another motif to figure out what the problem was. Now I have taken pics and I cannot figure out how to upload pics here now. So if any one can help me with uploading pics, that would be great and I can post pics of how to work Row 4 along with, hopefully slightly clearer verabe. Once you get the concept, the row, as written is fairly clear. But if you have no idea what the designer was trying to go for, yeah, it's a bit of a pain. In the pattern on Row 2, the 4 join and 5 join are really cluster stitches...make a note...
  3. Thank you everyone for testing this pattern. Great job Marisa and Mona! This will be a free pattern, and just to put it out there, if you wish to make shawls to use for your own prayer shawl ministries OR personal use OR even for sale, you totally have my permission. I won't be selling the pattern nor the shawls I make from it and my only thing is that this pattern not be sold, but finished objects, if you wish, may be sold. Thank you so much again.
  4. Great job Mona and thank you so much for testing my pattern. Very much appreciated.
  5. This thread is for the testers of the Trinity Shawl to show off their work.
  6. Okay, I have all the testers I need...thank you to everyone who has agreed to test for me.
  7. Pattern Information Pattern Description: This is a fairly simple rectangle shawl worked in different colors, using half double and single stitches, measuring approximately 24" x 60" Pattern Style: Pattern is written only pattern Pattern Photo: Photo will be included with the pattern. Skill Level: Easy Yarn/Material/Tools Required : Tester will need to have or acquire yarn (approximately 6 skeins of Caron Simply Soft yarn) and hook H or other to meet gauge of pattern Tester Information Number of Testers Needed: 5 Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: 4 to 6 weeks Deadline: May 31, 2013 Tester Experience: Intermediate preferred, but will accept "Advanced Beginners" Tester Responsibilities (what exactly do you want testers to do and what information do you want them to supply to you): Please send me a private message telling me what your current crochet skill set includes: Ability to read written patterns, what types of projects you've worked up and finished in the past. Especially if work includes previous shawl patterns or afghans. Work the pattern up and report any errors, and if the pattern was relatively easy to follow. Please have work done by deadline. Please do not share pattern with anyone, please do not sell the pattern. Report feedback via email which will be provided, or through pm on this site. Any Special Software Requirements: The pattern will require Microsoft Word. If you do not have Microsoft Word or there is a problem with your Word not able to read my document, let me know and I'll send a pdf version, so please have a pdf reader like Adobe. Compensation Compensation will be the pattern itself and if you wish to sell finished items after the pattern is release, you have my permission to do so (not that it's really needed, but one less thing you have to worry about). Please do not post pictures of finished item until all testers have completed the pattern. If this happens before May 31st, pictures can be posted to this site for show and tell, otherwise after June 1, 2013, pictures of finished shawls can be posted. Thank you in advance for your consideration to be a pattern tester for my pattern. LeAnna
  8. Yes, yes, yes, and yes again...I belong to CGOA and went to the Chain Link in Reno last September. Was extremely helpful in so many way I can't begin to tell you. I'm still riding off that high. I'm 53 and the only college that I took was classes for broadcasting...I do other classes on line and where I can for this and that. I'm basically a newbie at actually getting patterns written, self published and sold, but am working on submitting to magazine (have submitted one proposal thus far.) If you ever get the chance to go to Chain Link, by all means sign up for the Professional Development day. That will give you must needed information about all the ways one can have a viable career in the crochet industry through design, or another of the other avenues such as teaching, tech editor, contract crocheter, and so on. But I also think that if it's important to you to go to school for art/design, etc. it could only help you. While at Chain link, I actually had someone help me with the questions that you need to answer if you apply for Assoc. Professional for the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA.) When I got home, I very carefully put my packet together with everything required to be recognized as an Assoc. Professional and mailed it off. I just was assigned my mentor a few weeks ago. Passion is key. Having clear goals are very good and the questions that are asked help you figure that out in the long run.
  9. More often than not, I end up crocheting during Prime Time. It actually bothers me a little because I would like to crochet early afternoon until dinner...but life gets in the way no matter how much I try to get up early and get the daily stuff done...
  10. While I understand being on a fixed income and you have the money set for this, that and the other thing, I do think that one is allowed and "allowance" or "pin money" to with what they want (within reason.) If you have an interest or hobby and you've set yourself up with a budget for how much you can spend on that interest or hobby, then why the guilt? Save the guilt for if and when you go over your budget, are you not entitled to something for yourself? I get concerned about my own spending simply because in my first marriage and for the majority of my adult life, I was really bad with money...I'm not now. My spending habits in my first marriage were one of many reasons my marriage failed...for that I feel guilty. But I live a different life now, and I have an allowance plus money from a small business, so I'm working to "live" within the confines of my allowance...I really only feel guilt if over spent my checking account, which I'm happy to say, doesn't happen now, or at the very least, maybe happens once a year... Our needs are met, we're basically living within our means, our bills are paid on time...and for the first time in well over 20 years, I got my credit score and it's more than favorable. So there's no need for undue guilt. I did say to my husband this morning that one of the reasons that I've been slow to start my business or even grow my business is that I worry about 'wasting" money if the business is a failure...and my husband said, "your business is also your hobby, it makes you happy, so the money's not a waste..." so no reason for guilt. It doesn't sound to me like you're wasting money, it doesn't sound like you're spending money to the point that creditors are hounding you to pay past due accounts...so please, if you're allowing yourself a small pleasure a week, a month, or whatever, banish the guilt...there is nothing to be guilty about.
  11. Man I hear ya about the containers...some of mine are in the attic temporarily and out on the cover porch...and it's been like working a puzzle to get things just so because there truly is only so much room. Thanks...
  12. Thank you Pinkrose...yeah, I know I'm blessed to have two dedicated rooms...
  13. Thank you both! Good luck TallGirl, you can do it...and when you do, take pics and share...
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