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  1. i've seen that stitch but how would i go about switching colors back and forth within a row?
  2. i'm working on a (single crochet) scarf which has "stripes" in both vertical and horizontal directions. here is a portion of it: i started with the black going horizontal but when i get to the yellow part...making that go vertically up the scarf i'm not liking the results. it's not making a nice line. i tried a few different ways....using the same strand of yarn, cutting and restarting the yarn each row, redirecting it..... so the solution i came up with is work each gray part 20x23 individually (horizontally) then turn them sideways and go back and attach them together with a row of the black. is there another way that's best? perhaps a different stitch? does anyone have experience with colors going in different directions in the same project? in my next piece i have words planned out but it's not looking good if this is how it comes out Thanks!!
  3. i just finished a scarf based on the video game rock band. if he likes music and video games it might make a nice gift. some guys i showed it to seemed to think it was neat. this is the drum part of the chorus to a song: you could ask his favorite song and do one of the chorus. links to all the charts here: http://rockband.scorehero.com/images/notecharts/contrib/ajanata/ it's pretty simple to make a pattern out of the charts it just takes counting everything out beforehand.
  4. yes i noticed it wasn't as curly on the dc scarf i did. i started my piece...trying not to be too tight....and counting my stitches as i go....so far so good. it doesn't seem to be curling.
  5. thanks for the responses! yes i'm probably doing it to tight. i tend towards tighter rather than looser. as long as i'm not doing something incorrectly. i'll try a looser turning chain and see how it goes. i used a color changing thread on that scarf. i haven't tried changing yarns yet but i'm doing that with my next piece so hopefully it will work out. everything i looked up just says to tuck in the ends...that makes me a little nervous but if that's the way it's done...
  6. hello! i'm new here...not very good at crocheting yet. i've only done scarves so far but my ends are consistently curly. here's a photo: they seem to be curly in a spiral formation. any idea why? is there something i'm doing wrong or something i can do to prevent this?? thanks! lizzykate
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