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  1. ​Good morning!! Thoughts and prayers going out for Florida this morning as well as the rest of the east coast. Sitting here watching the weather news and it looks horrible​! I feel a little better this morning. I need to clean the spare room today.. It tends to become kind of a junk room for throwing every thing on the bed. My brother may come tomorrow and he and his boys might stay for the night. Don't know yet...he's going through a REALLY bad time. ​ It is SO dry here!! We really need some rain. The ground just crunches and they have burn bans out. ​ JUDY- amazing how fast your fingers fly and on the graphs!! I haven't done one in years, but all that time looking to make sure of where I'm at... but Scooby looks like he is going to be really cute!! ​ CINDY- I'm going to have to check out some of those recipes on your blog. That would be real nice some days just to pull something homemade out of the freezer and not worry about it. ​ LEANN= I love your post on your blog about your trip! I would love to visit 7Falls!! I just love waterfalls, caves all that stuff!! I would have to pray for no flare ups while there! But it looks awesome!! And you are really moving along in your business.... Looks great!! ​ We had a good time at the painting party last night. I just mainly painted in my own little world and listened to all the laughter. I was just so tired!! But it was good. About once a quarter, one of the girls who is super creative, collects a small fee from us and shows us about 5 or 6 pics to choose from. She cuts out the wood and sands it down, and supplies all the paint and the ribbons. We look at the pictures and just go for it! But it is a great fellowship time! Here's what I did for my front door: ​ I also did a few more things for my blog: http://www.stringingwithheart.com/spirit-headbands/ Well, wishing everyone a great day. Fixing to try to get going!!
  2. ​Good morning everyone!! ​ Just really wanted to be sure to pop in and wish our Florida and East Coast friends well! Please take precautions to stay safe - my thoughts and prayers are with you during this hurricane! ​ I have been going more than usual lately and paying for it...Yesterday we took one of the GS;s to the stockyard. He loves cows!! and he had never been before - he's 3. He was so excited! He wore me out just watching him because he couldn't be still and jabbered nonstop!! Today I just can't seem to get going and I have a painting party to attend tonight at church.. but oh well... I am learning to adjust. ​ ​CINDY- how is the house cleaning schedule coming? Amazing just how much better we feel when house is cleaned... seems like mine has not been to my specifications in so long.. but not giving up... small small bites at a time!! Did you get to take your trip to the Smokies? JUDY- Hope your Lucy is about well by now. Wow! She sounds like a handful! I love your blanket!! Such bright cheerful squares!! LEANN- How was the anniversary getaway? That place looks amazing!! and HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!! You deserved a getaway!! ​MARY- How is your DH getting along with all the dr appointments? You know, I am going to have to subscribe to get this on my phone, so I can keep up... and on your fall!! Wow!! that must have been painful! So glad you're bruises are gone! I had to laugh about the grands and your ac in the car! Sounds like mine!! so sorry for the DH"s grandmother's passing... My DH's is 94. She close to us and is a handful. STill determined and she gets out and walks every day crossing the busy highway several times a day to go to my DH's sister's house across the road. I just pray.... ​Hi JOANNE!! Hope you're doing good! I can't wait to see your Augusta shawl! I got to make a special trip to the Michael's ( an hour and a 1/2 away) and picked up 2 Caron Cakes - Cake Pop. Not sure what I want to make with it yet.. I made a HUGE yarn purchase! They had online sales and I had a coupon for in-store. I bought yarn to make Ninja turtles for the DGS's Christmas- I will need to make 3. And got enough yarn to make each DIL, plus myself a ponch for Christmas. 4 in all. Plus the 2 caron cakes!! So excited!! ​MARLENE- HI!! I just can't seem to get out of this last flare-- it's been going on a couple weeks now. Not bad enough to keep me out of functioning, but makes it hard.. Thank you to this group for caring!! I try never to bring it up to my church and to my friends and try not to say much at home with the fam. you guys understand! Thanks for explaining how you have 2 homes... Some days I think that would just be awesome!! And I am praying for your procedure!! Be glad when you are completely well! and I hope your brother's testing went okay.... ​ ​Well, it's getting on towards lunch time. Still have some internet work to do and need to try to get a LITTLE something done and something cooked before getting ready for the painting party. I really do not feel like going I am that tired. Don't even want to think about getting ready. But I really need the sisterhood of it and I will really enjoy it once I get there... ​Hello and Bye to the ones I missed and hope all has a pretty good day.. Again, be safe for all those in the way of Matthew... ​
  3. Hi House!! Hope everyone is having a great week so far and doing good.. I'm having a very slow one. In another flare and not able to do anything today for sure... I have washed most of the clothes up and going to try and fix supper in a bit, but wanted to check in. I've been seeing where many of you are really getting cool temps! I am so jealous!! Hot as the dickens here in lower Alabama!!! Still 90's and heat index much higher. and no rain here at my house!! It has rained all around us now for 3 weeks and other than a couple sprinkles - nada!! the grass just crunches and the dirt road is really a dust drive thru! LEEANN= I love your Pink Posies blanket! So soft and delicate looking.. I am so sorry about your neighbor passing, I know that is difficult. But so glad for you and congratulations on becoming an aunt again!! Your Etsy class sounds fantastic!! I am sure you are the best teacher! I sure wish I was close to go!! About your question, I think it is only fair to charge a Rush Order price because well, you have to RUSH ya know? It is business, but yet you try to have a life also and any of their local businesses if they can accomodate a rush order will charge a little extra. Course this is coming from someone that still has not had a single order from her Etsy shop.. I know I need to just keep adding items because I only have a few. CINDY= I hope your DD and family is all settled in to their new home and getting comfy by now. It sounds HUGE!!! Wow that must really be nice!! So glad it all worked out for them to get.. but I sure don't envy those stairs. The way I hurt most days, I would prob very rarely see those other 4 levels... Your smoky mountain trip sounds WONDERFUL!! I bet you have so much planned! your day today sounds lovely!! MARISA= How is going with your dietary? I have REALLY got to get back to being serious about mine. The inflammation today is killing me. Hurting all over almost crippled. and I know it is inflammation because I just feel like from my neck down I am BIG and bloated and heavy.... JUDY= I just your half shawl!! I never got around to getting the Caron Cakes, although I really want to I have too much else going on. Your table for fall looks cute! I haven't done one thing. If I could just get mine cleaned - it would feel like it was redecorated!! Your hair sounds very pretty!! Mine really needs something!! It has gotten quite long and getting very hard to fix. But after the last time I wanted to do something a little different- I am very reluctant to do more than just a little trim, ya know? MARY= hope the grands are doing good and that all is well with you. How is DH coming along with all his urology visits? I sure hope that he is doing better! and I also hope everything goes well and you get your implants done quickly!! MARLENE= I saw that you had your specialist appointment yesterday. What kind of procedure are they having to do? Prayers going up for you girl! How are the horse scarves coming along? Can't wait to see! and I'm confused... are you in Texas for winter, or back "home"? JOANNE= I love your mindless scarf and the half granny shawl!! So pretty! KIYO= Hello! Nice to "meet" you!! I have been kind of worried about a couple of situations. My children's father found out he has prostrate cancer. He had the surgery done a few weeks ago and now they have found they did not get it all. He is to start radiation treatments after the first of the year. We had a very bitter divorce but that has been under the bridge a long time ago; I certainly wish for no one to go through that ordeal. But I am very concerned for my children. My DD is only 16 and he seems to really be leaning on her for emotional support. He doesn't have a wife although he's been married and divorced twice since we divorced 12 years ago. My boys are grown and married and I know that all my children are taking this hard. My brother is getting a divorce after 16 years of marriage. She is an addict of all kinds of things that has been covered for most of their marriage until it has gotten to the point she really needs help in the worst way. They have 2 boys the oldest being 14. My heart just breaks for these situations. Well the sun is beginning to cast some real long shadows... can't believe the days really are getting shorter even if the temps haven't changed. I miss long summer days. I do better with sunlight and LOTS of it!! The dryer buzz just sounded so I need to fold that load and then start supper. I have some chicken breasts that I cut into thin strips and been marinating that I will pan grill. I am going to steam some blended veggies ( cauliflower, broccoli and carrots ) and I have some butterbeans already cooked. I am going to try to get back on that eating better wagon!! Blessings to all and to anyone I missed!!
  4. Good morning House! Hope everyone had a great weekend! and wishing a good week to everyone! JUDY= I am so glad that your nerve pain is gone! Nerve pain is the pitts!! And it sounds like you had a great weekend with your friends visiting..I just KNOW that she was thrilled to receive Mr. Eagle! the pic she sent you was just awesome!!! She is really showing it off!! LEEANN= Thank you for YOUR kind words! I love my grandkids and used to keep the 2 that lived by me every day, but that was before I knew I had fibro and it kept getting worse until I finallly just had to let them know I couldnt' do that. I still have them here and there. The one i kept yesterday lives farther away and every other week I choose a couple of days. I will go get him that morning and he stays overnight most of the time and then I carry him back the next evening. I also just LOVE your Etsy shop!! I am going to have to order some of your stuff soon.. especially your soaps!! and you are fixing to start teaching an Etsy course? My goodness!! Wow!! on the 4 bags of yarn!! That really does happen?!? Hi MARY!= I am so glad you didn't have any damage from the storms! It just threatened here all weekend. All around us got much needed rain.. and it is still HOT! Yes I AM feeling some better today... thank you! I know you enjoyed your boys! HI JOANN!! Sounds like such a great time you had!! Really hoping you have a good work week and don't have it too hard.... and I agree about the memorials on Sunday. Nothing real special happened here, but we did have a short memory service at church. We will never forget that day, and I agree with you. We were so united right after and now we are all so divided. Breaks my heart over my country.... Hi MARISA! Hi CINDY! Hi MARLENE!! Marlene, I'm sending prayers your way for your echocardiogram.... I so hope you are doing well! Hi to anyone else I missed....but I better get started to try to get some things done! I did in fact finish the scarf I made! I was so proud that I did do something on the designing end that actually looked decent! www.stringingwithheart.com/over-the-bridge-scarf/ Hopefully today after I knock out a couple of chores, I am making some more football headbands. Happy crafting and crocheting!
  5. Wow! I don't know what happened but anyway I didnt' get to finish. And for some reason I am not able to see my cursor on the screen.... aaaggghhhh aggravating! Thanks to everyone for the kind comments on the houndstooth, but the scarf, I'm sure you recognize is Kathy Lashley's from Elk studios, although I tried my hand with the bootcuffs! Hopefully today I will have another addition to my blog and to Etsy. I finished my scarf and I love it! I'm kind of proud of it as I'm still trying to grow in this designing. I did a pair of bootcuffs from a pattern of Too Hot Headed Designs, and loved them so much, I wanted to do a scarf to match. I finished a couple of days ago, but wanted to block it and then made my photos yesterday so I probably will post today. Anyway I guess I better get up if I'm going to get anything accomplished! Hope everyone has a great one today and a great weekend!
  6. Hello House! Hope everyone is having a great FRIDAY!! I have my GS today (3 yr old)... He stayed with me yesterday and spent the night. I will meet his mother with him at lunch. They have plans to go to his other grandparents for the weekend. Big shopping trip all weekend. I didn't get anything done yesterday.. I am having quite a flare again. The chronic fatique is even worse than the pain that goes with it!! Having such a hard time from feeling completely overwhelmed. My GS is a terrible bedfellow!! kicking, flopping and turning and mumbling all night!! So between the two, not much sleep for me! Been nursing my coffee all morning too stiff to move. But when I get back, I am going to try to be somewhat productive. I have got to try and wheash my car! The lovebugs have it covered for sure!! LeeAnn= I don't see how you do it!! You wear me out, but I so love to hear about your town, and your wonderful shop! Making soaps must be fun..and your CAL sounds so fun!! But dear, you HAVE to make time to rest along the way... I don't want you to wind up like me. Too many years burning the candle at both ends, not thinking i had time for rest.. Thank you for showing me some love on my Etsy!! And all those Caron Cakes!! Keep us up to date with what you do with them! Judy= I love your JAYG!! Your fingers flying amaze me! You must be so fast with a hook! No wonder your fingers are hurting, and I sure hope they get to feeling better quickly! Your tote sounds great.. I love totes and have saved many patterns for some I want to do, haven't tried but two. Mary= Thank you also for the Etsy love!! Thank you for the compliments! I do agonize over photos and descriptions.. I am not good at that kind of thing. The only camera I have is my iphone, and I have never been great at taking photos ( never been great at having my photos taken either!) But thank you!! Cindy=My husband grocery shops the same way as yours! Mine is so picky though, even though he's a diabetic, he wants hamburgers and french fries nearly every day and loves snacks! Hates vegetables.. and his grocery shopping shows it. If he has his way, we get back home and still have nothing to cook!! and YAY on your DD and DSIL closing on their house! Hoping they love their new home... Marisa= I am enjoying getting to "know" you! Your last weekend sounded fun... and Troy sounds like a real sweetheart! Many blessings going out to you... Kudos to you on the cleansing and change of diet. I have fibro that at times isn't too bad, but a lot of the time it sucks. Completely changed my lifestyle over the last few years. I can tell that my diet influences alot. Dairy seems to make my inflammation much worse, therefore more pain, chronic fatique and going downhill. Sugar is another bad one. I do find the cleaner I eat the better... I have been seeing a lot about leaky gut.. so I wonder sometimes about the cleansing thing. You are really blessed to still have your parents and to have them moving close.
  7. Hi everybody!! and Good Morning! 9:00 and I'm still sitting drinking my coffee trying to get going.. So very very stiff this morning! Hope everyone did have a nice labor day. Very quiet here. Seems kids had all they wanted to do elsewhere...until about 5:00. DIL brought the 2 GS and swam but just a short while. They were fussing ( 2 and 5) so she got them out and they stayed for supper, of course! LOL! Thanks everyone for the compliments on my houndstooth. That pattern is by Kathy Lashley at ELK studios.. A wonderful pattern and easy to do! I finished another shawl. I had made a another pair of boot cuffs and loved the stitch, so then I decided to try my hand at designing one to match. I'm quite surprised!! I would post it first but I really want to block it today. My house really needs working on today, but I am afraid it will be a day full of paperwork... oh well. How neat JOANNE and JUDY that you get to just drive over and see the beach!! JUDY I bet your JAYG blanket will be pretty! CINDY I laughed when I read about your DH and why he needs to build another shed! Sounds just like mine... MARLENE I hate that you are not doing as well as you would like to be at this point.. Your body has been through quite alot so be kind to yourself! Give yourself some time.... Good that you had some quality time with the grands... and I can totally relate to your DH's daughter. My husband has a step-daughter... she was 2 when he married her mother. They were married for 25 years and she married before their divorce and had her child a bout 1 year after their divorce. Well when I came along she did not even acknowledge I existed. She goes on about 4 trips a year with her mother and 2 other men she calls Daddy. She has nothing to do with us all year but maybe a couple of calls to my DH during the year, but still expects to come on Christmas and get the same things we give all our other children - without even talking to mine and then leave soon as gifts are opened. Yes, I've been through many things with that one and bent over backwards for the first couple of years, until I just got tired. Now I just don't even think about her and let DH just get what ever she tells him to for the GD. I'm polite to her on Christmas and then she's off again. Not the way I pictured things but you just deal with life sometimes. But it does sound like your DH's daughter is trying to meet you somewhat in the relationship, so there is room to work there... Hi MARISA!! and anybody else I missed! Well, if I'm going to block that scarf today and get anything done, I better get up and get at it!!
  8. Hi house! Hope everyone is good! I'm sorry it's been so long! Just so much going on now now.. JUDY - I know you said you had fibro once and it mysteriously went away... I sure wish I knew what the trick was!! Mr. Eagle is AWESOME!!! He is SOO regal looking!! and I'm really glad you got your AC going again.. JOANNE- Charlies' blue blanket is very classic looking.. Great Job!! And I love your half shawl made with the Caron Cakes. Did the yarn work up fairly easy? I wanted to try that yarn, but don't think I'll get to. Saw somewhere that it is going to be a seasonal yarn and they are taking off the shelves now. I hope that's not true. Nearest Michael's is and hour and 1/2 away so I don't know. And I love your granny!!! My your hooks have surely been flying!!! MARY - I hope you're doing well with your dentist appointments. My jaw is finally about healed up now. And I see where you posted just today that you actually thought about me! This place is awesome... I saw that about the earthquake on the TV this morning... WOW LEEANN = All that talk of so much cooking has almost worn me out! I don't know why, but i have gotten to where I almost hate having to cook anything. I love your idea of the tempature blanket! I went and read up on your blog... NICE!! Your town sounds so neat with such fun things going on!! DIANE - Hi! Nice to meet you!! This is a wonderful place with the most nicest ladies!! As far as plans, we are being really lazy today. I hit the highlights on housework, crocheted a bit, and fixing to cook hamburgers with my DH and get ready to watch the football game tonight.. ROLL TIDE! We're in church most all day Sunday, and then Monday my DD (16) being out of school we will hang at the house playing in the pool and I imagine the boys (my grands) will pop over and want a swim too. CINDY - sorry you're having to work all the weekend but I hope you did get your craft day in before it had to start! MARISA - Hi to you also! I hope you are not getting anything too nasty from Hermine! We didn't get anything at all here in lower Alabama.. The past 2 days have been so hot they have been sweltering!! I felt so sorry for my DH yesterday. They were baling hay all day. But he and some help that he had came rolling in late yesterday evening with 290 square bales! Today has been a tad cooler and we had a very light rain early this afternoon for about 20 minutes. I have gotten something done that I put on my blog... so I will share here.. You gals are SOO supportive... I may not pop in as regular as I should, but I do love this place and ALL of you really do add value to my life!! Hope everyone has a Happy Labor Day!
  9. Hi HOuse! Hope everyone is good! It has just been busy around here for me... and I have nothing really to show for it. Saturday I did clean house, not real deep cleaning, but got it cleaned none the less. Only thing is you can't tell it all now! Also went with DD to get her school supplies. You have to wait until they actually start and each High School teacher gives her their list! Good Lord!! Sunday was church all day and DH stayed in bed being sick. Yesterday kept the oldest GS because he had pinkeye and couldn't go to school. Today I slept late to about 9:30. Took some extra me time today. Got about a foot more done on a scarf I am making. I also met a friend and walked 2 miles today!! I just hope I can move tomorrow. Exercise is a must for fibro, but you never really know how much is too much so it can backfire. But I feel pretty good tonight so I am not going to borrow any trouble. Judy I still think your Levitt home sounds quaint and all homey! Besides that was the era I was born, so I think it's just neat! So nice to see you are already planning projects for when Mr. Eagle is finished.. LeeAnn I absolutely don't see how you get as much done as you do with all the work of your shop! But you sure are an inspiration to me! I just cannot believe what you went through at DH's business dinner! Why couldn't one of them been a friend enough to come close to your husband and speak? Even if they thought you were someone else,, they should have come to speak so they could hopefully convict him enough that they could talk with him friend to friend when they could at work. I guess you can tell I'm one of those direct-get-involved types. It WOULD have been funny except for the miserable feeling of a night that was wasted. Oh well, I'm sure you can laugh about it in a couple years. Cindy, your trip sounds fun!! I know you will enjoy that! I'm jealous about the flea market and to think of going in a Mary Maxim in person!! My yarn came in today and I think it's going to be great to work with. Marlene , I so sorry for the loss of your brother. and to think how some people can just be so selfish here on earth is beyond me. But try not to harbor on it and let it turn you bitter... Remember the good and give yourself some time for grieving ... will be praying for you! Hi Mary! I hope it's cooler your way.. it does seem like it's cooled a tad here but not too much. But when I'm tempted to complain, I think about the folks in Louisiana and all they are going through.... so heartbreaking. Hi Joanne, So glad you are enjoying your time with the grands. I haven't been too busy with the blog... Been busy trying to make things and to have some content to add. I really want to try my hand at designing. Don't know if I really can or not, but I DO have an idea for something in my head... Maybe as soon as I finish what I'm working on, I can try it... we'll see. Anyway hope everyone has a good night!
  10. Hi House! Glad to see the headaches are getting better! Yes it is really hot down here in the south!! and the humidity! a little rain every day it seems... but instead of cooling things off it just gets hotter... oh well! Sum-sum-summertime in the south! JUDY - Mr. Eagle is awesome!! and your home sounds wonderful.. I don't really know what a Lovitt house is, but I do love OLD houses.... in fact I just love old stuff and vintage anyways! MARY- I am feeling better! I sure hope your DH's urology appointment went well.. Thank you for sharing the link to that site... CINDY- Can't wait to see the slouch hat! That pattern is darling!! Hi JOANN- My DD has been watching the Olympics too... I just don't know why I have no interest this year.. But I"m like you on those rotisserie chickens! I LOVE them.. So so good! I did order me a little yarn today. Mary Maxim Starlette in some different colors. I want to do a few headbands and their price was WAY low. I have never ordered yarn from Mary Maxim before, so I'm hoping it's not too bad. Well, hope everyone has a good night and a good weekend! CINDY try not to work too hard this weekend! Night everyone!
  11. Hi House! I have been reading posts and I must say I am so touched by all the well wishing for me! I am finally feeling better! I was sick before they pulled my teeth and because of infection I have been so sick after.. I had a bad allergic reaction to being on antibiotic for so long,,, in fact, I'm still on one. My ear still wants to hurt some and I still cannot hear as well in that ear. I am not sure but I'm afraid I may have some nerve damage or something. But I am so much better and now I know I will live! LOL! I was too sick to do anything else, so I spent a LOT of time studying about websites and totally re-doing mine. So now I am set to just keep building to it and growing it. If any of you have ideas for me, I am totally open.. CINDY- I hate you had a headache all day, but I hope tomorrow will be better for you. Happy Birthday to your GS! Our oldest birthday is today. He is 6 years old now. He came over this evening and when they started to leave he made up his mind to come back because he wanted to go to church with GG and Mimi and spend the night. Good to feel loved that they want to stay with us even on birthdays!! MARY- I hate you had one too.. and THANK you for leaving me the sweet comment ! and that baby afghan! it is gorgeous! Yes, what yarn did you use?!? LEEANN- how are you? Wow! you are really doing great on your soaps!! But you should, they are so cute! That is a dream shop! Hi JUDY! How are you? I just can't wait to see Mr. Eagle! Sounds like not too much longer... MARLENE- So nice to see you are getting stronger and stronger! and yes you must listen to your body and just be sure not to overdo until you are completely well. I can only imagine how scary that all must have been. But good for you that you are springing back like you are!- Hi JOANN- How are you? What are you making in craft club? That sounds like fun! I'm working on bootcuffs and headbands right now. Getting that time soon. DD will be starting back to school tomorrow, she will be a JUNIOR!! How'd that happen? Well it's that time and I hear the bed calling me... Hope everyone has a good sleep and great day tomorrow. Thank you all for thinking of me and prayers/well wishes! Hugs to all
  12. Hello everyone! It has been so hot here the past few days! MARLENE I know you really enjoyed your stay with your DD and it is so good to hear you are getting better! Continue to take care of yourself! JOANNE we had a night like you did the other night. Our power did not stay off that long though, just 3 hours, I was glad when it came back on! JUDY, you did not read my post wrong! I WAS taken advantage of! I am not as aggravated for I want forgiveness in my heart, but just concerned now of what to expect having these teeth pulled and what I'm going to do.. but thanks to everyone for the encouragement. And it sounds like you are coming right along with your Mr. Eagle. Thank you LEEANN, on encouragement for my blog. I am enjoying it and it does help me so much! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your sister and family! And I LOVE your shop! Hi CINDY! Hope you are enjoying your days off! It sounds like you are anyway with such fun plans! Thank you MARY for the hug!! I felt it all the way through computer-land! Well I better get up from here and get a few more things done before calling it a night. We have to leave at 5:00 AM for a 2 hour drive to all day seminars for my husband's pest control business. Believe me, NOT my way to spend the day! But I'm thankful, it pays the bills!! Anyway, Hi to all else that I missed and stay cool!!
  13. Good evening! It has been so hot!! I had a bad flare up yesterday so missed church and didn't do ANYTHING!! But today was good! Got alot of laundry done, a little more cleaning out done, and started a new project. For some reason, wanting to do slippers. MARY THank you for the encouragement!! CHRISTIG - yes, teeth problems are the pits! My dentist talked me into a bridge - filed down my teeth to put the thing in about a year ago. had problems ever since, Went 3 weeks ago and he told me it had cracked but don't worry about it, because the porcelain shouldn't have done that so it wasn't going to cost me anything. I have had nothing but pain and went the Monday after the 4th. He was "busy" but another doctor that was helping out would see me since I was just a walk-in. The new dentist lets me know that I need a root canal done on the back tooth that was holding the bridge. We do not have dental insurance so I was going to call around and get prices because we needed to do that to try and save the tooth. Only it is a retreat from 10 years ago by someone else. Price quotes were from 1800$ to 3000. The one that did it 10 years ago said he would not do without an exam, to see what was going on with that tooth. Then they called me back - right after I got a call from regular dentist office. The assistant leveled with me and said my dentist left them high and dry= sold them out and that the new dentist heard them talking about me and what was I going to do because I have a LOT of infection. He told them he wanted to look at my xrays. Come to find out both of the teeth holding my bridge had had root canals before so they were blown out - no good . They had to come out. and right after the one who did them 10 years ago called back substantiating everything they said. His assistant even asked " did the dentist that put that bridge on not tell you before he did this?" So now I am on second round of a stronger antibiotic and will have them pulled August 2nd. and then I don't know what I will do. JOANNE your gs is precious!!! Looks so sweet! and that blanket is wonderful! Hi JUDY!! Your Mr. Eagle sounds exquisite,, must be a graph... can't wait to see it! Hi CINDY!! and the rest of the house too!
  14. Hi house! Thank you Mary and Judy. Cindy and Mary, how are your kids getting along about finding their houses? Cindy, that is a WHOPPING amount of unexpected cost! Joanne I can't wait to see the sunny blanket. I bet it will look just dreamy with the Berocco comfort! Sounds like you sure enjoyed the grands! and I don't blame you. Mary, it does not sound fun at all for your DH with the nerve stimulation for bladder. Almost made me shudder just to read about it. You made me laugh though about the long post that just went poof!! I have alot that does that and always when I don't have a lot of time. Cindy yay for you learning to knit. Always fun learning something new that we want to do. I tried knitting one time many years ago. I got so frustrated working with those 2 hooks and was GLAD to get back to my crochet where everything made sense! It just seemed like work to me instead of fun... But I hope you enjoy! Well fixing to go to bed I think... Been very stiff and everything has been so much more a chore to do. But I have been very busy.... I started me a blog. I just hope I can learn how to do all the things I want to do with it. It still doesn't look like I want it to yet.. But this is for ME and it is helping me keep focused! When you get time take a peek and if you have any advice, please share! Especially since so many of you are truly professionals at this and I'm wondering if I will ever learn what all I need to. Any way, hope everyone has a good night and try to stay cool! Oh I almost forgot.. did these last week! A Delights-Gems pattern...
  15. Hello house! I'm still living... I've just been busy with one thing after another and it did take a while to get myself back together. I am battling more health problems now with my teeth, but don't want to go into now. I have been reading the past hour and a half catching up... MARLENE... I am so glad you are okay!!! Please take care of yourself. I loved seeing all the afghans and blankets, and I even saw where teakaycee popped back in.. It's pretty late now, so I'm just saying I haven't forgotten ya'll and letting you know I'm still here.. will catch up more later!
  16. Hi guys!! Remember me? Maybe I should go back to the Introduce yourself thread and start over.... Sorry I have been on hiatus for so long.... The job situation did not work out. They called me in for interview like the 6th of April and immediately put me to work. I was in computer training for a week and a half and it was all good. I clocked in and literally sat in front of computer learning from modules 8 hours a day. Since you got a short break every 2 hours to move a bit, it was good.. not too tired but after a week of being on such tight schedule, my body could begin to feel it. Then it was on a Friday they put me on the floor. I could tell after a couple of hours that I was going to love it (except for the pharmacist that I would be working for. a total jerk who seems to have issues - but at my age i don't intimidate easy and can ignore most of it LOL) but by the end of Friday, my legs and feet were hurting very badly.. I got a little better over that weekend but still hurting. Went back on Monday and by 2;00 did not know if I was going to make it. I practically hobbled out to my car by end of day. I was scheduled to be off the next day on Tuesday and had an appointment with my neurosurgeon already scheduled that day. I very tiredly got up and hubby drove me the 3 hours to get there. After examining me she could tell I was not doing as well as last checkup. She plainly let me know I could NOT keep that job standing all day or i would be back within couple of months in the same shape I first saw her or worse. So i had to quit. And to tell the truth, it really set me back. I have been in not good shape at all since. I have had a handful of days that weren't too bad, but before I started trying to work, I was actually doing pretty good. Have not been on the 'ville and have not been creative at all since.. It took alot out of me and to tell the truth, been pretty depressed ever since. But it is time to pick myself up off the floor and get on with living life. Many others in SO SO much worse shape, ya know? I have missed this place. You girls are so supportive. But strange how we isolate ourselves when we are so far down. and really that is when we need others the most. I have not read all the posts but I have skimmed through. I was saddened to see that Linda - Busy Bee- had passed away. She sent me some squares and now I will really cherish the afghan that she sent me saltines for. I was making it for a fundraiser ( the winning ticket got it) and my DIL won it. After about a year, she gave it back to me on my birthday because she said I had worked so hard on it, but if something happened to me, it went back to HER! R.I.P. Linda..... I don't know if any of you remember Tammy - from Coffee N Crafts. She is a friend on FB and she lost her husband (Ken) yesterday morning to cancer... We need to remember her family in prayers... that helped to shake me out of my doldrums. She is about my age with 6 kids - 3 I think still at home in their teens. NOW.... on a more POSITIVE note....... JOANNE!!! Yay on your grandson being born!!
  17. Well girls, I had a good note just ready to post and lost it!! Don't have the time to go through all that again, but I have been reading the posts and wow, I just can't imagine still getting snow.. Mary, sure hope your DH is doing lots better now and Marlene, so sorry about your friend..praying for a miracle for them!! Joann, your blanket was just gorgeous and cheery!! If you don't mind my asking, which Linda (username) is it that ya'll are concerned about? I know over in the granny squares thread there is some concern about a Linda also.. I know that the one that was busy bee - I was wondering about the other day where she was cause I haven't seen any posts in a really long time.. She sent me a whole bunch of saltines one time when I was in a real big crunch to finish a very special project. Anyhow I really hope all is well. Well fixing to call it a night...
  18. Hi everyone! Hope all is well! I have been busy trying to get some things all caught up and ready to go to work.. I still haven't heard anything yet, but I know they've shelled out about 200$ to get me re-instated and ready to go so I'm just taking one day at a time and catching up until I do. I've also been working trying to get caught up up puffies going out.. Soo...but enjoying the most fabulous weather!! I got a wonderful puffy yesterday and had to laugh KATYALLEN when I pulled it out of the mailbox and remembering your little story of what all it had been through! But the squares are OH So PRETTY!!! Thank you!! and I really enjoyed your "rambling" about your old house! I think it was nice that you got to pay it a visit! All of the old homes I lived in as a child are all torn down and gone now.. but for many years both my brother and I used to find out that in the same week many times we would both dream of going back to "visit" the main house we grew up in.... NIKKI glad you're keeping up posted on the Moogy and the Sophie! I just know when I see yours I am going to just have to get the yarn purchased at least to make them myself! They are so beautiful..enjoyed all the conversations about the grocery stores like Aldi... To tell the truth, I haven't even heard of an Aldi.. we are so far out it's just the local Wal-mart and Piggly Wiggly and Ramey's IGA... I would love to have some other grocery places with better selections, but especially with lower costs!!! CAROL, how exciting to be anticipating the arrival of your grand coming!!! LACEY, baby Jade is so adorable and great pics of your mom and family.. So glad to hear all the kiddos are doing good with all you went through.. KATIEBUG, it looks like your little one really was enjoying her party! Hi to SANDRA, BRENDA, and everyone else!! Fixing to call it a night.... TERESA, I'm doing much better thank you! I would up having to take some OTC meds to knock it out, but feeling good! and that sure is a lot of pretty squares!! They will look so great when you get them together! and SNOW? I thought it was SPRING!!! LOL!!
  19. Oh my, so much to read and catch up on! Not feeling well tonight, I have been working hard trying to get things all set before I start to work... Had to go yesterday to be fingerprinted and background check so I guess I should hear something within another couple of days... but my ear has been trying to hurt all day..a lot of sinus problems, so... Brenda, those sure were some pretty afghans and boy have your fingers been busy!! I did manage to finish the kitchen towel and dish cloths, and been working on trying to catch up on squares.. I will take a pic of the kitchen set when I have some better light. and Nikki,,, I get excited everytime I see where you post about the Moogly afghan and the Sophie!!! Katyallen,, I loved reading how you summed this place up!! still one of the new kids on the block, but even though my posting is sporadic, everyone here adds so much to my days, reading about your families, lives and the places you live.. and I am realizing that the ladies on here are some of the most encouraging, kindhearted and giving people on God's green planet!!! So sad to hear how Arlene is having such problems with her computer... I will get her address from you Katyallen so I can send her a card and note with her LATE squares! But how touching to see how people care here!! Well, just wanted to say hi to all and hope you're enjoying your weekend!!
  20. HI House!! Yesterday was a gorgeous day! Today clouds are rolling in with rain supposed to be here by evening with heavy threat of severe stuff tomorrow.. Not good since I have GOT to go to the dentist... LEEANN= I DID get the job! I was called in yesterday for an interview which went fantastic! It helped that even though I haven't worked in 6 years I have kept my national license up to date.. Said it should be anywhere from 3 days to a week before I get called in, but we discussed pay which I agreed to, and had me sign papers, drug test, all the good stuff... I am actually looking forward to it!! I have GS today, so can't do alot of cleaning because they like so much attention when here. Tomorrow I have to see dentist because of a bridge that is VERY loose.. I need to get fixed because I do not need it to come off and me ask time off then on a new job... how embarrassing that would be. I love the pic of you and your sister! Both of you are so pretty!! and what is a Quincerena? JUDY=I really can't wait to see what you are doing with the saltines! I get bored and tired out easily making them, but I LOVE the possibilities of what you can do with them.. MARY= how neat to get to see Luke's first hit through the media! in so many ways technology can be wonderful! How is DH getting along? I hope his appointment went well and that he's on the mend very nicely! CINDY= I hope your dentist appointment went well... and I relate very well to how you feel about going... JOANN= so many of us with dentist woes lately! but yes, as much as you've been through lately, sometimes we need a break before finishing it all up... Well ladies, gotta go! Praying everyone stays safe through the coming storms and have a great evening!!
  21. Good morning!! Looks like some had a good Happy Easter! Hope everyone did! We did too, even though it was the first one I remember where it rained ALL day! We got up and went to Easter Sunrise Service with breakfast following. I stayed and helped with the clean up and then we went right into a special Easter service at our regular Sunday service time. Afterwards, went to MIL's for lunch ( a feast!) That's one thing I can say for her, she cooks like Southern Living magazines and there is NOTHING she doesn't fix well!! We had ham, fried chicken tenders, green salad with oil/vinegar dressing, deviled eggs, homemade piemento cheese on celery sticks, homemade mac and cheese, cooked stuffed peppers with cornbread dressing, peas out of the garden, butterbeans, cornbread and rolls with sweet tea and a huge strawberry cake with 5 layers!! Delicious! Came home and thought I would get a nap.. No sooner than I was drifting off here come the little kiddos saying Mimi get up we want to hide eggs!! LOL!! They hid them all over the house several times over before they finally got tired of it.. all finally left about 8:00 last night, so a lot to clean up today for sure!! I did see where there were spring tornadoes over Easter although I didn't see where,, I sure hope everyone here is okay... especially you MARY!!! You have had your share of near misses where you are! If I go to work it is with a Walmart chain so he said he had to go through "procedures" and would be getting with me... Even though I am concerned about the fibro,, I have never accepted the fact that this is the way it has to be for life for me.. and I AM so much better this last year than the first 3 when I didn't know what was wrong. I am really hoping and believing i am being healed of it! I have found though that triggers it on is not taking care of yourself... especially nutrition and lack of sleep. So I will always have to be sure to take care of myself!! and who knows there may be someone better qualified going through the "procedures" and the door shuts? I kind of really want it, but if it doesn't work out, I will be alright either way. How is DH? I sure hope he is mending nicely, and yes!! men are NOT good patients!! I know my he- man can sure turn into a whiny baby when sick!! JUDY -- I had to laugh when I saw where you found UFO's in your closet!!! Don't we all? LOL!! Although at this point, I have WAY more projects in the closet of my mind with plans TO DO!! CINDY-- your weekend sounds great! That reading a book and a 2 mile walk with nature sounds wonderful!! I went walking the other day,, we live on a dirt road with not much traffic or houses... Well this big australian/ red heeler type dog adopted me! NO collar and would not leave me.. he looked pretty poor, so I think someone put him out.. I have called about 10 people all through the community - about a 10 mile radius.. no one claims him, so I guess he is MINE!! He sure seems to like it here and even Ms. Daisy likes him, and she usually runs ALL strays away......DD named him Roscoe! JOANNE, you sound so cheerful with such Easter fun! Sounds like you had a great time with your grands and your dinner sounds yummy also!! I must say I have never tried lamb... As far as the job, if it works out it is pharmacy technician. MARLENE-- your baby G will probably play something when he gets older.. I don't know about your area,, but it does not seem the same as the way it used to be when my boys were so young... parents and adults seem to show out more than the children...uughh!! Your Horsin' Around Scarf sounds great!! Can't wait to see pics! That might make a great stocking stuffer for my DD's Christmas this year.. She loves horses.. we are down to 2 now but with no time to ride, we are thinking of selling them because they need much more attention than what they get.. Well, hoping everyone has a great Monday and a good day!! If I don't get off here I will have nothing done!
  22. Good morning!! Hope everyone had a great Easter! We had an enjoyable weekend! A full day of festivities Saturday and then we got up and went to Easter Sunrise Service at 6:00. DH and DD came home for a nap in between services but I stayed to help with clean-up because we had breakfast after. Then a special Easter service at regular time. Afterwards we went to DH's mother's for lunch and then home.. I tried to get a nap but the kiddos came over to hide eggs, which we wound up they hid all over the house because of the rain. Everyone finally went home about 8:00 last night. Which means I have a lot of clean up today! LOL! I also have the oldest GS today ( in Kindergarten).. They didn't have school today because of teacher's meetings. But he's not a bit of trouble when he is by himself, so I plan on working on a square or two this evening and finish a jewelry set for my DIL's birthday.... I saw briefly when I woke this morning about the spring storms causing tornado damage in many parts.. I do hope everyone here is okay! TRIBBLE79-- your pups are so cute!! Your caption is so fitting for the photo! NIKKI--- I totally blew WW yesterday!! TOTALLY blew it!! So got to do LOTS better today!! and Yes! don't forget that Moogly afghan!! I've been wondering did you get it finished and I missed it! You know how much I loved your squares on it! and the Sophie!! You seem to love all the things I wish to do!! LOL!! CAROL -- it sounds like you had a really nice Easter with the family and I hope you have a good day at work today!! KATYALLEN and KATIEBUG-- a happy Monday to ya'll!! and to everyone else too!!
  23. Hello House!! Just checking in for a moment before running again.. I went to an equipment auction with DH yesterday. We had a good day,, I was able to crochet a dishcloth for a friend on the ride and in between auction showings.. This morning I got up and went to church and participated in the Cross Walk. We started walking at 8:00 and it was pretty chilly! We usually walk 5 miles on the route we take, but halfway I had to stop ( the restroom was calling!!) All my morning coffee really kicked in.. LOL! Fixing to get ready in a moment and drive into town. One of the little GS's has opening Day of his little T-ball or whatever they call the little baseball tykes before Little League. Then I guess I will come back home and make a dessert for tomorrow. We are planning on going to Sunrise Service at 6:30 with breakfast to follow.Then we will have regular time services and go to DH's mother's house for lunch. Mid-afternoon, 2 of the kids will stop by for dessert before everything will be over with for the holiday.. I went to town the other day to pick up things for the kids baskets and of all things, looks like it is opening up for me to go back to work. I would really like to on one hand because I miss it and we could use the extra as well as the insurance. But I really am not looking forward to having to be on such strict schedule again, and I'm kind of concerned that standing on my feet all day will trigger the fibro flare-ups so that I may not can do it.. But if it's meant to be, it will open and if not, then I pray the Lord shuts the door to it. We shall see.. Read the posts about all the books.. I have always loved to read but don't really have much time anymore, even on the Kindle. I have LOTS of books I really need to do something with. But I do love books! Something about just having them and being able to open and read them any time... Marlene- I guess ya'll are planning for a Big Easter with a Big LUNCH!! Mary-- I hope your DH is improving right along!! and Photo Fridays sounds great!! I prob won't have too much to post as it seems like I'm so slow with so much going on, but I sure enjoy seeing others projects that inspire ms so much. Judy--I love your Sunshine 'ghan!! So cheery!!! Well hello to all those I didn't call out! and I read about Linda MIA.. what was her username? I think I remember her and I do hope all is well!! Anyhow I hope that all is going well with everyone and that all has a HAPPY EASTER!!!
  24. Hello Ladies! Whew! I am tired! Went to another equipment auction a couple hours away all day yesterday with DH... It was a good trip.. This morning got up and went to church. We had a Cross Walk.. started 8:00 and our route is about 5 miles, so just got home a little bit ago. Reckon I will get cleaned up and head on out to little GS's opening day of his baseball then come home and fix a dessert. 2 of the kids are going to come by after having dinner at the other set of parents, they will come back by here. My oven went out the other day, so I guess it all worked out. Of all things, I was out in town the other day getting the things to make the grands little baskets, and was approached for a job.. I really want it because I miss working and Lord knows we could use the extra.. but not looking forward to Having to get dressed and having all my days planned for me. I am a little scared though. I have been doing so well with this fibro, but worried if working on my feet all day is going to bring it back and me not be able to do the job.. but, if its' to be it will happen and if not, then I pray the Lord shuts the door.. we shall see. Owlvamp- I love your baskets!!! They are adorable!! Bgs-- I sure hope your toothache is gone now... they are the worst!! Tribble79-- you are so right about eating healthy costing more! But i am also learning to cook things differently.. your lake weekend sounds fun! Carol- I hope you are enjoying your weekend stay with your daughter! It sounds like you are! ImmaFreek-- little Jade's pictures are so adorable!! She is So cute!! hope you get over the cold soon! HowieAnn -- glad it looks like life is on the mend at your house now.. Not good when it is constantly something.. Hello Katiebug, #1CrochetFan, Katyallen and anyone else I missed!! And HAPPY EASTER everybody!!
  25. Good morning!! Another bright and cheerful morning it has been here with the sun shining so brightly!!! I'm still in PJ's though I'm afraid.. My sister called bending my ear for over an hour.... bad situation, but you just can't help people that truly don't want REAL help you know? Lacey, I am so thrilled for you!! Hoping little Jade continues growing and improving and you can start to have a little more peace. and yes, I'll bet the others are really glad you are home too!!! Carol, thank you!! I have been enjoying following!! It has opened my mind to so many more possibilities and am finding some really good blogs to follow! Trouble is , I want to make EVERYthing!! Tribble79, your dinner menus sound quite good!! My DH is so finicky that I never get to try anything new hardly and now that I'm trying to lose weight, guess it will be awhile before I get to try stuff like that.. Yarn-monkey, I really am liking WW so far. The support is encouraging, plus I have a couple of friends that started with me, so I am not doing it alone and we help encourage each other. But I don't really get too hungry, I'm just re-learning how to eat! We must swap recipes.. and girl, you are SOO talented!! So many gifts of talent in what you can do! I love your DH's egg and your flower Plus, I am REALLY fascinated with the Sophie!!!! That is only about the 100th thing added to my 'I have GOT to do this!" list!!! Please show pictures!!! and Peanut really is super cute!! Sandra, I wish I had actually thought earlier about making some things for the grands baskets!! I am sure the kiddos will enjoy the pups and turtle.. My how busy you were yesterday katyallen!! My home needs a lot of springing up too!! But I have to get it cleaned first! Got a lot done yesterday though and even had some me time.. so hopefully doing alot more today while I feel like I can... Anyway, hope everyone has a great day today!!!
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