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    Jennie of all trades and master of none.
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    out in the country in Alabama
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    Love crocheting aghans (especially those like quilts) or traditional or many colors. I hate to crochet all one color afghans because I get easily bored with it.
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  1. ​Good morning!! Thoughts and prayers going out for Florida this morning as well as the rest of the east coast. Sitting here watching the weather news and it looks horrible​! I feel a little better this morning. I need to clean the spare room today.. It tends to become kind of a junk room for throwing every thing on the bed. My brother may come tomorrow and he and his boys might stay for the night. Don't know yet...he's going through a REALLY bad time. ​ It is SO dry here!! We really need some rain. The ground just crunches and they have burn bans out. ​ JUDY- amazing how fast your f
  2. ​Good morning everyone!! ​ Just really wanted to be sure to pop in and wish our Florida and East Coast friends well! Please take precautions to stay safe - my thoughts and prayers are with you during this hurricane! ​ I have been going more than usual lately and paying for it...Yesterday we took one of the GS;s to the stockyard. He loves cows!! and he had never been before - he's 3. He was so excited! He wore me out just watching him because he couldn't be still and jabbered nonstop!! Today I just can't seem to get going and I have a painting party to attend tonight at church.. but oh wel
  3. Hi House!! Hope everyone is having a great week so far and doing good.. I'm having a very slow one. In another flare and not able to do anything today for sure... I have washed most of the clothes up and going to try and fix supper in a bit, but wanted to check in. I've been seeing where many of you are really getting cool temps! I am so jealous!! Hot as the dickens here in lower Alabama!!! Still 90's and heat index much higher. and no rain here at my house!! It has rained all around us now for 3 weeks and other than a couple sprinkles - nada!! the grass just crunches and the dirt road
  4. Good morning House! Hope everyone had a great weekend! and wishing a good week to everyone! JUDY= I am so glad that your nerve pain is gone! Nerve pain is the pitts!! And it sounds like you had a great weekend with your friends visiting..I just KNOW that she was thrilled to receive Mr. Eagle! the pic she sent you was just awesome!!! She is really showing it off!! LEEANN= Thank you for YOUR kind words! I love my grandkids and used to keep the 2 that lived by me every day, but that was before I knew I had fibro and it kept getting worse until I finallly just had to let them know I
  5. Wow! I don't know what happened but anyway I didnt' get to finish. And for some reason I am not able to see my cursor on the screen.... aaaggghhhh aggravating! Thanks to everyone for the kind comments on the houndstooth, but the scarf, I'm sure you recognize is Kathy Lashley's from Elk studios, although I tried my hand with the bootcuffs! Hopefully today I will have another addition to my blog and to Etsy. I finished my scarf and I love it! I'm kind of proud of it as I'm still trying to grow in this designing. I did a pair of bootcuffs from a pattern of Too Hot Headed Designs, and loved th
  6. Hello House! Hope everyone is having a great FRIDAY!! I have my GS today (3 yr old)... He stayed with me yesterday and spent the night. I will meet his mother with him at lunch. They have plans to go to his other grandparents for the weekend. Big shopping trip all weekend. I didn't get anything done yesterday.. I am having quite a flare again. The chronic fatique is even worse than the pain that goes with it!! Having such a hard time from feeling completely overwhelmed. My GS is a terrible bedfellow!! kicking, flopping and turning and mumbling all night!! So between the two, not much
  7. Hi everybody!! and Good Morning! 9:00 and I'm still sitting drinking my coffee trying to get going.. So very very stiff this morning! Hope everyone did have a nice labor day. Very quiet here. Seems kids had all they wanted to do elsewhere...until about 5:00. DIL brought the 2 GS and swam but just a short while. They were fussing ( 2 and 5) so she got them out and they stayed for supper, of course! LOL! Thanks everyone for the compliments on my houndstooth. That pattern is by Kathy Lashley at ELK studios.. A wonderful pattern and easy to do! I finished another shawl. I had made a
  8. Hi house! Hope everyone is good! I'm sorry it's been so long! Just so much going on now now.. JUDY - I know you said you had fibro once and it mysteriously went away... I sure wish I knew what the trick was!! Mr. Eagle is AWESOME!!! He is SOO regal looking!! and I'm really glad you got your AC going again.. JOANNE- Charlies' blue blanket is very classic looking.. Great Job!! And I love your half shawl made with the Caron Cakes. Did the yarn work up fairly easy? I wanted to try that yarn, but don't think I'll get to. Saw somewhere that it is going to be a seasonal yarn and
  9. Hi HOuse! Hope everyone is good! It has just been busy around here for me... and I have nothing really to show for it. Saturday I did clean house, not real deep cleaning, but got it cleaned none the less. Only thing is you can't tell it all now! Also went with DD to get her school supplies. You have to wait until they actually start and each High School teacher gives her their list! Good Lord!! Sunday was church all day and DH stayed in bed being sick. Yesterday kept the oldest GS because he had pinkeye and couldn't go to school. Today I slept late to about 9:30. Took some extra me tim
  10. Hi House! Glad to see the headaches are getting better! Yes it is really hot down here in the south!! and the humidity! a little rain every day it seems... but instead of cooling things off it just gets hotter... oh well! Sum-sum-summertime in the south! JUDY - Mr. Eagle is awesome!! and your home sounds wonderful.. I don't really know what a Lovitt house is, but I do love OLD houses.... in fact I just love old stuff and vintage anyways! MARY- I am feeling better! I sure hope your DH's urology appointment went well.. Thank you for sharing the link to that site... CINDY- Can't wai
  11. Hi House! I have been reading posts and I must say I am so touched by all the well wishing for me! I am finally feeling better! I was sick before they pulled my teeth and because of infection I have been so sick after.. I had a bad allergic reaction to being on antibiotic for so long,,, in fact, I'm still on one. My ear still wants to hurt some and I still cannot hear as well in that ear. I am not sure but I'm afraid I may have some nerve damage or something. But I am so much better and now I know I will live! LOL! I was too sick to do anything else, so I spent a LOT of time studying ab
  12. Hello everyone! It has been so hot here the past few days! MARLENE I know you really enjoyed your stay with your DD and it is so good to hear you are getting better! Continue to take care of yourself! JOANNE we had a night like you did the other night. Our power did not stay off that long though, just 3 hours, I was glad when it came back on! JUDY, you did not read my post wrong! I WAS taken advantage of! I am not as aggravated for I want forgiveness in my heart, but just concerned now of what to expect having these teeth pulled and what I'm going to do.. but thanks to everyo
  13. Good evening! It has been so hot!! I had a bad flare up yesterday so missed church and didn't do ANYTHING!! But today was good! Got alot of laundry done, a little more cleaning out done, and started a new project. For some reason, wanting to do slippers. MARY THank you for the encouragement!! CHRISTIG - yes, teeth problems are the pits! My dentist talked me into a bridge - filed down my teeth to put the thing in about a year ago. had problems ever since, Went 3 weeks ago and he told me it had cracked but don't worry about it, because the porcelain shouldn't have done that so i
  14. Hi house! Thank you Mary and Judy. Cindy and Mary, how are your kids getting along about finding their houses? Cindy, that is a WHOPPING amount of unexpected cost! Joanne I can't wait to see the sunny blanket. I bet it will look just dreamy with the Berocco comfort! Sounds like you sure enjoyed the grands! and I don't blame you. Mary, it does not sound fun at all for your DH with the nerve stimulation for bladder. Almost made me shudder just to read about it. You made me laugh though about the long post that just went poof!! I have alot that does that and always when I don't ha
  15. Hello house! I'm still living... I've just been busy with one thing after another and it did take a while to get myself back together. I am battling more health problems now with my teeth, but don't want to go into now. I have been reading the past hour and a half catching up... MARLENE... I am so glad you are okay!!! Please take care of yourself. I loved seeing all the afghans and blankets, and I even saw where teakaycee popped back in.. It's pretty late now, so I'm just saying I haven't forgotten ya'll and letting you know I'm still here.. will catch up more later!
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