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    I am a SAHM w/2 boys - 11 & 4 yrs old
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    recently 2 yr, known how to for a long time!
  1. Sami, it's gorgeous!!! You have the most wonderful purse's!!! I would love to know your modifications...the purse reminds me so much of my grandmother...I would LOVE to make one. Your's is SO much nicer than the original pattern!
  2. WOW!!! Great blanket and wonderful yarn!! I have a drop spindle and some roving I bought to learn to spin...but I've been too afraid to give it a try yet!!! :0)
  3. While wondering the streets of Crochetville I came upon the Village Shoppe and decided to go in...first it's to the Bistro for a big slice of warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Them I'm off to the Family Room to settle in with my current WIP. I graphghan for ds for his bday. He loves the NY Yankees so I'm doing him one with that on it. It's my first attempt at using a graph, but after I got the hang of carrying my yarn, it's going ok...just SLOW!!!! Now I remember why I got board with my cross-stitch patterns and had about 100 going at the same time!!
  4. Thanks everyone!! You all are too kind...
  5. OK...I know it's a little late for "Fall", but... I have had this wonderful Baby Merino wool by malabrigoyarn in the color "Black Forest" for some time. I was just waiting to find the right pattern for it. I knew I wanted to make a shawl type scarf out of it, but... Then I finally found the pattern I wanted in the Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Crochet Today! It is called "Floaty Fall Scarf". I used 2 skeins of the yarn (about 400yds each) and a F hook. I am SOOO pleased with the finished product!! It was a wonderfully easy pattern to follow and worked up really quick. Here is a pic of it. I just wish I could really get the color of the yarn. It is such a pretty charcoal gray, dk green, purple color. Anyway, hope you enjoy looking!! Thanks!!!
  6. Great job on the scarves!!! I would never have know they were your first projects if you had not said so!!!
  7. Oh happy day!!! I have USED yarn this week...not bought it!! I finished a sweater w/4 skeens of RHSS and a shawl w/2 skeens of baby mirano wool!!! Here's a pic of them!
  8. Oh...I've been a bad girl this week... I bought 4 skeens of yarn yesterday...but I have a pattern for them . I am almost finished with another ball. I'm finishing up a scarf I'm making. Can't wait to get it done!! Maybe I'll finish it tonight.
  9. OOHH I agree!!! I love snowmen and snowflakes!!!
  10. OH YEAH!!!! My package came today from ladydaydreamer, Kristy. I absolutely LOVE everything!!!! Here's a pic of all the goodies I got. She sent me a beautiful purple and gold scarf, raspberry beret with a great holly pin, a roll of snowflake ribbon, a beautiful thread crochet bookmark (which I will put to good use! ), "All Washed Up, 9 crochet dishcloths" by The Crochet Dude!!! A box of Peppermint Bark, which was quickly disposed of by my boys. 2 balls of Peaches & Creme - 1 Lilac Ombre and 1 Black, 1 skein on Red Heart Holiday in green/silver, 1 ball of Twisted Sisters in Kaffir Green and a beautiful black/plum pot holder!!! Oh..and two pks of coffee, which I have already broken into... Thanks Kristy!!! I LOVE everything!!! I have really enjoyed this swap and getting to know you.
  11. You are VERY WELCOME!!!! I'm very glad you enjoyed everything. I've had a wonderful time being partnered with you!!! This has been a great swap.
  12. Oh I can't hardley believe that I have used one whole skein and over a half of another. I'm working on a "warm and fuzzy" blanket for myself!!! Then I have afghans to make for both my boys for their bdays. I am attempting to make my first two graph-ghans...this could be dangerous!! LOL!!!
  13. WOW!!! These are some awsome packages!!! Great work ladies!!!
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