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  1. This is what I am looking for, what size hook did you use with Red Heart Super Save and did you add more stitches for neck? Thanks
  2. Looking for a granny stitch poncho pattern made with worsted weight yarn, cannot seem to find any
  3. I am looking for a large ruffle border to put on an afghan, can't seem to find any
  4. dottie

    shawl pattern

    Looking for a shawl pattern that I lost, you start at the top and it looks like the stitches are sc, ch4, giving it an open mesh pattern. Appreciate your help
  5. dottie

    arch afghan

    I found the pattern, I had it, called trellis afghan
  6. dottie

    arch afghan

    Looking fora easy and quick afghan pattern that has open arches, like sc, ch5, repeat. Could not find any on line
  7. dottie

    hug shawl

    Thanks for your replies, it's the brown one on Raverly, did not see the American stitches, will only use one strand and a J hook
  8. dottie

    hug shawl

    yes, it is the one on raverly, but uses UK terms and uses 2 strands, I only wanted to use one strand of ww yarn
  9. dottie

    hug shawl

    Anyone know of a hug shawl pattern in American terms, there is one on Raverly, but in UK terms and uses 2 strands of WW yarn, I wanted only 1 strand
  10. dottie

    easy poncho

    Looking for a easy poncho for an adult, sort of open, like the mesh stitch
  11. dottie

    curly q scarf

    looking for a curly q scarf pattern, no luckon pintrest or raverly, any suggestions?
  12. Cute, what pattern was used?
  13. dottie

    crochet shawl

    Am looking for a shawl pattern that is not a rectangle with an open mesh look.
  14. That is beautiful, was it easy to do as I am for easy projects?
  15. dottie

    Nautilus Shawl

    Has the pattern been posted yet?
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