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  1. I was also trying to find out how long to make a hat for an amercian girl dollie for my daughter's friend, Thank you!
  2. oh! that's so pretty! thanks!!!!
  3. Thank you very much! I have visited your site before, I believe for the easter egg pattern ;0 you are very kind to share this, I actually will make it for a baby that was born way too soon, his mother cant' find him anything that fits him at any store
  4. PooToo


    THank you very much for sharing, I have been looking for a simple pattern like that to make some eggs for my little guys
  5. I love it, my little 2 1/2 year old baby girl will love it too! now to find the pattern
  6. Hi, this is my first time felting anything, and the first time that I finished anything crochet, Ijust learned to do it two weekends ago, so don't mind me I am really new at this, but now my cat bed is finished..but insanely small.. more for a kitty than a cat.. My question is.. so felting only shrinks? I was under the impression that it would strech it for some reason... if I streched it as it dried.. when felting, do you just do it by running it in the wash with hot water? and from what I have read, by checking every now and then?? sorry I am really new at this, I am going to post a photo of my catbed, it did turn out pretty cute.. floppy but cute
  7. Thank you for sharing this with every one, I have made a pledge to try to make this beautiful kitty bed and then donate them to my local SPCA, I posted it on a local website putting the idea out there and now others are going to do the same thanks again Diana
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