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  1. THis is what I also do. I go to Blogskins.com pick a blog with the set up I like, and play with the coding, and then add the pictures and background I like. It will give you the basis to the Blogger coding (CSS).
  2. Sure. I have as post for "An offering to Help" a couple posts down. If you could fill out the questions I have, I will be sure to make one you will enjoy. You could copy and paste it on here, or on that post. I will look out for both.
  3. Welcome. I am actually in IL at this moment (Wheeling, IL) visitng my family. We live in Georgia right now. Hope you enjoy the site! You will definately get help when needed!
  4. I use photobucket. I would say I have only had one handful of times that they have been down in the past 2-3 years I use them. I am very pleased, especially when the service is free!
  5. I am not sure if there is an actual button manual on the sizes made:blush I know the two sizes I make are 90x45 and 90x31 ( I think , I have them listed on the topic below). Sorry, I guess that is no help:(
  6. for free, or cheaper then what it is going for? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=41233&item=8192592047&rd=1#ebayphotohosting It is lasting only 2 more hours, and I have a friend who is seeking, and I told her I would ask my Buddies! Thanks!
  7. So I finally fixed my blog on a Firefox program. It was the most easiet thing to fix and don't know why I didn't think of that before. Well, I was helped directing me what part of the coding to look at. From there, all I had to do was delete the Height code. and there it was. ALL fixed. For some reason, at this moment, the BLogger hasn't updaated the changes in the code, or the new post I just posted. So, if it isn't working for your yet, keep checking back. I know I probably lost alot of Firefox readers in hte past. Hope you all will come back!! You can see now:D
  8. I used that change already. It is only for the first two rows. I followed the rest from the old pattern. I have seen others post pictures of theirs, and it looks great. So it makes me wonder what I have done wrong, or is there another pattern out there for a star afghan? Thanks
  9. SO I am working on my first star afghan. I am wondering if it is normal for it to not be laying flat? I would hate to have to frog it. Is there a way to box it, stretch it? I am on row 15, so pretty far along. I am owrried I did the center too tight and that may be the cause of this problem. Or maybe it is normal. Any help or adivce on a way that this can turn out successful? Thank!
  10. Thank you girls. I have been working on it all night. I am alittle frustrated. Why do I insist on crocheting too tight? I knew I did. but this is getting crazy. YEs, that is right, I DIDN"T do a gauge:blush I usually know to go up in a hook,, because of this. I wonder if there is a way I could stretch it in the end?
  11. Woohoo, we are a family of B's. I can't wait to see the pattern!
  12. K.............are you ready............. :bang :bang :bang K, seriously, why didn't I see that it said FASTEN OFF in the first row. You even showed it to me again.......................... :bang Seriously, you can take a bat to my head anytime. I hope I get this now. If not, I might have cried wolf too many times.
  13. This is what I am very tempted to do myself! Atleast if I can't figure it out. Would you add stitches at some point? Thanks again
  14. LOL, yeah, I get most frustrated when LB has patterns with mistakes. They are pretty big, I would think that most of the mistakes would be handled before publishing. This hasn't been the first. But I amy be wrong.
  15. With this pattern? and your peaks and valleys lined up?
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