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    I'm a SAHM to two wonderful kids and have been married for 10+ years to my soul mate and best friend
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    crocheting (shocker.. lol), reading, spending time with my family, going to Cape May
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  1. Are you still doing this? I'd love a pink knotted one for a friend who lost her mom to breast cancer. I'll pm my address in case you are. (Can I send you money for postage?)
  2. I bought this a few years ago and never used it. Looking for $25 (which includes shipping to the continental us). Thanks!
  3. I checked my stash and I only have a skein of yellow and a skein of blue.
  4. I agree with the others... the blanket is beautiful!!
  5. WTP is my absolute favorite!!! Great job!!
  6. Mill ends are usually the ends of runs. I think once I came across some good bags in the mill end bin at my AC Moore. It is usually all white yarn and I dig to the bottom of that bin each time I'm there.. lol.
  7. I agree with the others... great job!!!
  8. Wow, great job!!! I love the pink one!!
  9. I'm loving all your RR's you've been posting!!
  10. those look great!! I've been wanting to try fingerless gloves!!
  11. What a cute hat!!! I will definitely have to try that pattern out
  12. I just ordered an edgerydoo after contemplating it for months. I can't wait until it arrives!!!
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