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  1. Well I am off to bed. Thank goodness there are only two work days left. This seemed like a very long week or maybe its just my crappy mood. Nite ladies have a good tomorrow. I will check in after work.
  2. WTG COlleen! Your counter looks BEAUTIFUL! I bet you feel great too huh? What a great idea to take pics before and after. I would be ashamed to take befores but maybe thats what I need. LOL I am dancing right next to you and you deserve crochet time for sure!
  3. WOW this is a chatty group during the day! I miss so much when I am at work. Wednesday is my work from home so I worked today, did a general pick up, 2 loads of wash and ran the sweeper. Other then making dinner I am done! I need about a month of cleaning OCD! Scooby, got your PM and will get a box ready to mail hopefully next week. Hope things work out with the braces. Shannon I have the one more row syndrome too and lose lots of sleep cause of that. I also have the one more game syndrome when I am on Pogo! Beth WTG on getting the bathrooms clean and congrats on the new carpet. Colleen you can listen to audiobooks on the computer too. I have a hard time concentrating on them when I am on the puter though. Our library has audiobooks called Take Alongs or something like that. The book is looks like an mp3 player and comes with everything but the headphones. I get them every so often for work but most of mine I get from the online audio part of our library and audible. I am very old school and laughed at them for a long time but I love to listen while I crochet. Overwhelmed is my middle name, thats why I have been trying meditation and let me tell you IT WORKS! I understand your thinking on not getting a new TV until the old one retires, I am the same way. We dont have a flat screen or HD. When you are not a TV watcher its hard to see what the big deal is but hubby and kids want a new one. LeaAnne put some cream on that road rash! and you are all very welcome for your badorkus! HA HA I think its great that you have a good relationship with your MIL. My ex-MIL totally hated me from sight. Now I dont have one unless you count hubby's grandmother who raised him. She is 95 and the most wonderful woman I have ever met. Other than a small language barrier we get along great though I dont get to see her very much as she lives in SC. Vicki you get alot done, give yourself more credit. I on the other hand dont get all that much done. During the week when I am working I am pretty much useless so I try on the weekends, try being the key word. I have seen those steam mops too and would like to have one but I dont have much floor, most everything is carpet in this house. Stacy you mean you need a Wii for a Wii fit? LOL Here I thought it all came together. Hmmmm. imanurse I hope you had a good day at work and that things are calming down. I work for four doctors, pediatricians, all women and if you ever want to hear horror stories about employees just ask! I thought moving from clinical into admin would be fun but boy was I a dufus for thinking that! Give me clinical any day! How was goodwill? I will be back in a bit, gotta bread come chicken at hubbys request for dinner. See I am making nice!
  4. Scooby come on over, dust off some books and pack you a box! HA HA. PM me your addy and I will get a box ready. Do you read horror? Happens to be my favorite but its hard to find good ones. I also love Thriller/Mystery. Basically anything but mushy romance. Nice to meet a fellow book lover, yarn lover, crochet lover. Even if she likes to clean! LOL
  5. I want a Wii Fit, I want a WiiFit. Seems like everyone has one but me. How can I NOT have one when I have two 16yo boys? Note to self...GET WiiFit for hubby for Father's Day or Anniversary! LOL Me thinks a certain someone is showing off! HA, kidding, I am a jealous catty woman! WTG of getting all of that done. Have you ever been to Jersey? Feel free to come and clean I mean visit any time. I make a mean pasta! Yarn closet? Holy crap hubby better never tell me I have too much yarn again! WOW Nice to hear you understand about my audiobook withdrawl. I didnt think the iPod had bookmarking. I have a few songs on mine but its mostly books. What do you like to read? I will be happy to RAK you a nice big box of books but you have to actually read them yourself they are not audio! That was sweet that a ville member send you an iPod. There sure are great people here. Did I mention that my neglected children have nothing to play with and could really use a WiiFit? LeaAnne I dont do mornings well but I will catch you mid-morning or early afternoon AFTER I clean some stuff. Please dont try to tempt me into not cleaning it must be done! HA HA Nite ladies and I need to use that tip about keeping notes as I read our posts.
  6. Here is my life for ya......... I said earlier that my MP3 player up and died so I ordered a new one that wont come until the end of the week or next. I am totally lost without it. I dont watch much TV and love to read but lately I have gotten addicted to audiobooks plus I have these GREAT meditation thinggies that I love. I tried everything to give life to my dead friend. Tonight I just couldnt take it anymore. I asked hubby to go to Target with me to get a cheapie to feed my addiction until my new baby gets here. Of course and rightly so he thinks I am NUTS but goes with. I happily come home and connect my new baby and pick up the old one for one last hug before getting rid of it and lo and behold the darn thing turns on and works! Works fine, looked at me like it was never dead! Turned itself on! HUH????? So I get a lecture from hubby on patience and my son gets a new MP3 player AND I still get a new one end of the week or early next which is bigger anyways! na na na na na. These things only happen to me.
  7. Evening all. I have to agree with everyone that this is a GREAT group! Hey, I washed dishes tonight and cooked! I am trying to hard to learn to use a pressure cooker but all my stuff burns! I have a hard time keeping up in here cause I cant check in as often so dont be offended. I am not ignoring anyone. Hey Scooby, does your iPod for have bookmarking abilities for audiobooks? Just to keep my life messed up my mp3 player died last night! I was so upset. Luckily I had finished a great book the night before or I would have been out looking for one right then. I ordered an iAudio 7 but really wanted an iPod that holds a ton but I need bookmarks. Okie dokie, time to put dinner out. I will hopefully check back in later.
  8. Of course, silly me. I do that all the time and never realized it had a name! Good for you basjordan that's a lot of work!!!! Well I worked all day and came home and did about 5 minutes of declutter. Didnt out a dent in it but hey you gotta start somewhere! I have to take my son to his appt at 5 and will bring along something to work on while I wait but I am so tired and dont know if that will work or not. Gonna do a quickie pressure cooker sausage sauce and pasta for dinner and make nice to hubby. I have been beyond not nice lately and now its time to be nice. Ill check back when I get home.
  9. I'm happy for you if you are! Mudding? I'll bite, what does that mean?
  10. Hi ladies and happy Sunday evening! Please forgive me disappearing and re-appearing but that seems to be my life right now! I am really getting depressed! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH darski love your towel and how you changed up the pattern. I must follow a pattern to the letter cause I just cant design on my own. colleen I love your list and will be following it with you. Clutter is my middle, actually first name. I am great at moving clutter from one place to another and that is kinda not the point huh? I am spoiled I will admit. My hubby loves to clean, says it relaxes him and who am I not to let me beloved husband relax? Its not fair though for him to do it all. Is it? Hopefully I will be able to pop back in later and see what you guys are up to in here.
  11. Well I couldnt sleep so I finished the dishtowel. I think I messed up a the end but I hate frogging so its unique! The color looks awful but all I had was my cell phone to take pic.
  12. HAHAHA HA HA HA thats what you get for washing your curtains! Not you have to spend nice yarn money on new ones! Cleaning is dangerous ladies. For the record I LOVE Scooby's tips I just think she is kidding me. I am going to try the toilet vinegar thing cause I have horrible hard water maybe that is so hard to clean. You can scrub all day (yeah like thats gonna happen) and still those buggers are laughing at me! What I need is a cleaning service BUT I would have to clean before I even let them in the house! I am a lost cause folks.
  13. That is so sweet. You are a very special person darski! Ummmm, you are kidding me right? You want me to BOIL MY SPONGES when I cant even declutter a counter? Again I say, you are kidding me right? TGIF for sure. Home from work and actually decluttered the parlor and kitchen table. Seems like anything with a flat surface in my house is a magnet for junk. Folded some laundry and put it away so I at least got something done. I finished 18 rows of the dishtowel. WOW, very boring to do but its cute so I think it will be worth it. I have to find a button, thats one thing I dont have. Happy Cleaning........you're kidding me right?
  14. Hi ladies. Home from work and totally wiped out! You would think I would be rested after being off for three days. I did a quick pick up but thats about all. I overcooked last night so its leftovers tonight which the kids dont like but what does a 16yo like? Not much! Colleen your dishtowel looks great! I love the color. I finished two rows! LOL Ive got it added into my project rotation so it will get done sooner or later. I must say you guys are all early risers! I am so not a morning person and have to drag myself out of bed. AND did I hear extra time for working full time? YIPPEE LOL Have a great night
  15. So you guys are still here huh? Well I have an official list now: Round Ripple for a graduation Panel Afghan for my Elder Shawl (started just because, not sure I like it but will finish for Pine Ridge) Dishtowel for HAL/CAL (two rows done..wow!) Heart Squares for Charity ghan. (2 done ) Flowerghan for my daughter (so close yet so far) I will not start another project, I will not start another project, I will not start another project................
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