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    married mother of two and a stay at home mom, i love the Lord and my family, friends and pets
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    new york
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    crocheting, rosary making, reading, animal lover
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    afghans, hats, scarfs, prayer shawls and animals
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    40 years
  1. Im from Selden. Would love to meet up with other LI crocheters, especially for charity crochet...Teresa
  2. Im from Long Island if there are any other Long Islanders here.
  3. I work as a college aide. I used to work on a farm raising livestock but I developed Hughes Syndrome so I get too tired:(
  4. Thank you Tammy!!...Teresa (one more row)
  5. :lolWell yesterday I got caught. My daughter went to put groceries in the trunk and she said, "Maaaaa!! You and your yarn!!!":eek
  6. I like to carry my work in the tote bags that I get from waldbaums that have the pretty scenery or animals on it, and they are pretty sturdy too
  7. a granny square afghan out of scrap yarn when I was 8. I still have it
  8. :lolI defenitely hide my yarn addiction.I cannot resist a good yarn sale, especially clearances, so I would keep the yarn in the trunk and then sneak it in!!
  9. Yes unfortunately. Right now Im working on a prayer shawl, an afghan, and baby hats
  10. :crochetingI will be celebrating the big 50 tomorrow...42 years of crocheting!!!
  11. :clapWelcome from Long Island NY!!
  12. Hi angel...Im a returnee as well. welcome from Long Island
  13. hi there and welcome from Long Island:cheer
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